Strong CoreThing I am asked most often about postpartum exercise (even very postpartum exercise)… ‘When Can I Do *Proper* Ab Work?’

You want to plank and crunch. You’re just itching to get back to all that planking and crunching.

So I’m going to ask you to just stop for minute and consider, ‘why?’ WHY do you want to plank or crunch? So that you can, you know, do loads of planks and crunches? For what exactly?

See, doing the exercise isn’t the goal. Or it shouldn’t be. We’re measuring the wrong things here. Surely we do the exercises so that we can do cool stuff like lift and run and row (well I like to row, but each to their own). So for me, I get my MUTU on regularly, consistently and as part of an ongoing desire to have a core that works, so that I can do THIS >>>

Because to pull like hell through rough water with a 13-foot solid wooden oar for anything from 17 minutes in a race to an hour or more in training,  well… you need a core that works.

I like running and lifting, and you need a core that works for them too, otherwise you pee yourself which is NOT cool.

I also like climbing and clambering and playing and surfing… all of which also require a core that works and is strong. All of which are also a lot more fun than *doing a plank*.

We want a strong core so we can DO stuff, without leaking, bulging, straining or hurting. We want a strong core so our body works and moves and makes us feel good. Hang out in the gym if you love hanging out in the gym. But if you don’t (I don’t), do the exercises, so you can go do cool fun stuff instead.

So what do YOU need a strong core for?

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