They say it takes a village to raise a child, but there’s less focus on this village mentality when it comes to a mother’s recovery and her own postpartum journey.

Like me, you may have felt lonely or isolated at some point after having kids. Be that in the early weeks, months in or even years later.

There wasn’t anything “snap-back” about my postpartum recovery. It’s been a long and ongoing journey, one I’m grateful to be on now. It’s taught me so much about my body and given me a great deal more respect and love for myself. In the early days when things got tough and the realization hit that this wasn’t going to be straightforward like I’d hoped, I felt really lonely, even embarrassed and ashamed. It seemed that any mom I tried to start a conversation with was feeling fine! What I’d secretly hoped was that she’d say, “oh, me too, it’ll get better, I promise”.

It left me feeling like I was the only one dealing with stuff. The only one still struggling months on with symptoms that should have gone away by now.

“It’s like a beacon of hope for the mom who is silently sinking under the burden of her postpartum recovery”

I know now I’m not the only one. There are heaps of women who are dealing with all sorts of emotional and physical stuff after having their beautiful babies, weeks or years on. Some choose to not say anything for fear of giving TMI or feeling too embarrassed.

I can’t tell you how helpful it is to find someone that just “gets it”, that voice that only has to say, “I get it, I hear you and it’s all going to be okay…”

Having someone say those words to you when you’re feeling lost, panic-stricken, embarrassed and completely disconnected from your body, is like a beacon of hope for the mom who is silently sinking under the burden of her postpartum recovery, and has lost all hope that she’ll ever feel good again.

Surrounding myself with women who get it, understand and care, has been a turning point in my recovery. I’ve built a community of awesome sisters around me, they pick me up when I feel like I’m falling and celebrate with me when I’m winning.  They make sure I never feel alone and give me the reassurance I need to know I’m doing an awesome job and that it will all be okay in the end.

This gives me the courage I need to keep going, faith in my body’s ability to heal and a support network that every mother deserves.

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