After we have babies, life changes dramatically. It’s full of joyous moments and excitement, but it can also be full of overwhelm and wondering what the hell happened to the woman you used to know, before kids.

It’s normal to feel this way but it’s so very important to address these issues and be the happy mama you deserve to be. If we ignore these feelings and the things that make us feel unhappy, they are very unlikely to go away. I want to discuss the importance of being a happy mom and how this will help your emotional and physical recovery after having your babies.

Things that likely get you down…

Tiredness – Get some sleep. Don’t stay up late binging on box sets, make time for shut eye. Sleep is so important in your recovery and overall wellbeing. Ask family for help, grab sleep where you can.

How you feel about your postpartum body – Your body might not look or feel like you anymore. It’s true, your body changes dramatically during and after pregnancy but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with a body that doesn’t function as it should and that doesn’t make you feel happy and sexy.

Not getting enough ‘me time’ – It’s hard to let go of the notion that making time for you is a selfish act. It really isn’t, it’s essential to family life. Set aside time for you, whether that be taking a warm bath or getting outside for a walk.

Eating the wrong stuff – believe it or not, food can have a huge impact on how we feel. Eat crap food and you’ll likely feel like crap. Eat clean, healthy and nutritious food and I promise you’ll see a massive difference in how you feel physically and emotionally.

Niggling and unpleasant symptoms – Let’s face it, peeing yourself when you sneeze wasn’t on your bucket list. Symptoms like this can be so detrimental to a mother’s overall wellbeing. It’s unpleasant and makes you feel downright horrible. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be this way and there are steps you can take to eliminate the symptoms that have been getting you down.

As a mother you deserve to eliminate ALL of the above from your life. Start today and make one change, and then gradually address the issues that make you feel unhappy (one by one). You are an incredible woman, you grew and birthed babies and happiness is the least you deserve.

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