Hamlin Fistula

Obstetric Fistula is one of the most isolating and tragic injuries that can occur during childbirth, leaving a woman with incontinence and in many cases a stillborn baby. If left untreated, the damage to a woman’s physical and mental wellbeing can be catastrophic.

It is estimated that at least 2 million women worldwide live with obstetric fistula, with 50- 100 thousand new cases occurring every single year. A shocking statistic that mothers from higher income parts of the world need never worry about. We’re extremely lucky to live in a part of the world where healthcare is so readily available and advanced, where every aspect of pregnancy, birth and post birth is taken care of.

This entirely preventable condition causes not only physical but also emotional damage to the women who continue to suffer without help or support from their communities or a health care system that just can’t cope.

The Campaign to End Obstetric Fistula do incredible work around the globe, in rural and poorer areas, to not only help fix the women who’ve endured this injury, but also carry out preventative work and treatment, providing much needed care during pregnancy and childbirth.

EveryMother_Fistula_02Here at MUTU System, we have been supporting Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia and the incredible work they do for more than  2 years and continue to do so, regularly sending enough funds to fully cover the operation and full aftercare and physiotherapy for one more woman every month. It’s the only hospital of its kind in the world dedicating its work exclusively to women with obstetric fistula, and it does all of this completely free of charge.

In honour of International Day to End Obstetric Fistula and the brave women who struggle with the burden of fistula every day, we’d like to invite you, your kids, husbands, partners, friends and family to take part in the ‘MUTU Mile’ on the 23rd May 2016.

All we ask is that on this day, wherever you are in the world, you get your walking shoes on and walk 1 mile to help raise awareness and funds for this truly amazing hospital. Once you’ve completed your mile upload a video to Facebook or Instagram using #MUTUMile #FistulaDay and if you can, donate as little or as much as you like here to Hamlin Fistula UK.

We’d love you to join us and thousands of other mamas around the world for the MUTU Mile mama!