Online workout program for Moms | MUTU SystemDoing an online workout program has many advantages, but is it the best thing for YOU?

Well, MUTU System 12 Week is online and MUTU Focus is online or on DVD, so I guess I’m biased. But I offer my programs in these formats, because they bring me a way to reach more women, giving them specialist training that’s not always available to them any other way.

People who use my online programs get workouts that are tailored for their needs, and progress with them, for the best possible value.

It’s not hard to find a personal trainer – your local gym is probably heaving with them. And, for some, that physical one-on-one contact is important, giving them reassurance that they are doing things right, as well as a bit of whip-cracking to get them moving.

On the downside, seeing a trainer regularly can be expensive. And, just because they’re there, in the flesh, doesn’t mean they are giving you exactly what you need. For instance, I like to think I have a window on fitness for mums that isn’t shared by many trainers at gym chains.

An online program, if you choose one that is well matched to your needs, and developed by a reputable personal trainer, brings you affordability, flexibility and, potentially, access to a high calibre trainer with a specialism that’s really valuable to you.

Other benefits…

You are in control. You choose the best time to complete your workouts.

You won’t be spending as much in the long run – for instance, the whole MUTU System online coaching program costs less than a couple of 1-hr sessions with a personal trainer, yet you get 12-weeks of coaching and ongoing support for that one-off fee.

If an online program is worth its salt, it will give you enough instruction to overcome the issue that there is no-one physically holding your hand through the process. They will guide you thoroughly on form and encourage you.

About motivation

MUTU Mamas get all the support they want, both via the MUTU programs themselves, and through the MUTU community. There is a MUTU System Facebook page and MUTU Mamas community forum. You may be working alone, but you’re in it together!

Ask my MUTU Mamas how that’s working out for them… (I think they’ll say nice things!)