People who ask: “How are you?” inevitably get the reply, “Fine!”

If you ask your husband or friend what you look like in a new dress and they say, “Fine!” you (rightly) get the hump! Fine suggests OK, but nothing special. Fine isn’t good enough, “Gobsmackingly gorgeous!” would be a more pleasing answer.

So why are we happy to be “fine” when it comes to wellness?

If your health is fine, but nothing to write home about, it usually means nothing major has gone wrong with your body. Yet. Or that the only things troubling you physically are little niggles here and there.

As we get older, it’s fairly common to accept ‘niggles’ and resign ourselves to our bodies being in below par condition. Mums in particular, sometimes see it as inevitable that their mid-section loses its condition permanently after pregnancy and childbirth, or that their back/knee/hip/shoulder is just always going to be ‘a bit dodgy’.

In the same way, and not coincidentally, we allow bad habits to become the norm and we think of our own bodies and wellbeing as not so important to look after as others’, or that we’re beyond hope. Like eating too many sugary foods, slumping on the sofa at the end of the day instead of doing exercise, walking with bad posture, or drinking alcohol regularly.

We laugh off our ‘naughty’ little habits, in the same way as we jovially mock our spare tyre, flabby mummy tummy, or muffin top… But, guess what, they’re related! and they’re not really a laughing matter in terms of our health… every ‘niggle’ can set up a domino effect of other health issues.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, because simply brushing up on the lifestyle lessons we all know, but sometimes choose to ignore, can have a big impact on our bodies… in as little time as one month!

A below par body should not be accepted as ‘just the way it is’ when you’re nearly, or over, forty. You don’t have to be just “fine”… you can still ROCK! (though your kids might prefer it if you kept that air guitar under wraps).

But, to improve your wellness, you might just have to recognise that some of your habits need an overhaul…

Try to be better with eating and drinking better stuff for just one month, and taking regular exercise (preferably some bouts of intensive exercise, but most importantly, daily walking) – I guarantee you’ll start to feel closer to really, truly, wholly… a lot better than fine.