The portrayal of female (and especially new mum) body image in the media is bombarded at us through TV ads, magazines and the internet –  One message: “GET THIN!” Especially when it comes to post-baby celebrity weight loss, we’re made to feel even more inadequate and in  need of assistance.

“Thin”. Not exactly an aspirational word is it? Not very sexy or happy sounding. More kind of weak. Or hungry.

Here’s another: “tiny”.  A very successful Celebrity Personal Trainer promotes herself by telling us how she gets her clients to their “tiniest”. Who is she training? Children? Munchkins? …Or grown-up women?

I blogged about my journey and feelings towards my own ‘Shape of a Mother’ recently and about finding yours in the healthiest, most confident way. We are all fed up (but if we’re all so fed up with it why do they keep writing about it…?) with Celebrity Baby Weight-Loss stories. We all KNOW these images are borne of extra-ordinary lifestyles and priorities, and more to the point, they’re not even bloody real.

The totally unrealistic body shape of many celebrity new mothers, (and if they’re not, they’re scrtinised and critisicised, often under the ironic guise of ‘celebrating real women’, whilst acftualy…. srutinsing and critising them)  is a depressing reality.

It’s a minefield isn’t it? But you know what? I don’t think it’s as hopeless as it seems.

Because I believe that most of us are a bit smarter than the media thinks we are. Some of us want to be slimmer, and some of us aren’t bothered. Either way, we shouldn’t judge or criticize… how every mother finds her own Mojo is going to be slightly different. But in my experience (I’ve spent 10 years putting mums’ bodies back where they want them to be) is that most of us don’t want to look like a child. We don’t want to be ‘tiny’ or ‘thin’. We would maybe like to be a stronger, fitter, leaner, sexier and more confident version of our (grown-up, thankyou) selves. Or we might just be happy to stay right where we are.

And talking of children, we have to teach our kids what girls and women’s bodies should really look like, and to be happy and confident and healthy in their own.

I passionately love helping mums that want to change the way their body looks and feels, to get there. But I have no more right to judge what ‘there’ is for any individual than those darned airbrushed photos do.

Your own Mojo “that much-desired sweet spot where everything is going the right way” – I like that)  is a very personal goal. I hope you find yours!