Since I became a certified MUTU Pro in 2016 I have made it my mission to continue to educate myself in this area of women’s health. I have never claimed to know it all, but I do promise to use a reliable resource when I don’t have the answers. Women deserve to have the right information so that their journey to healing can always be in the right direction. I was a mom who suffered for six years with pelvic floor dysfunction and I was told over and over again by my healthcare professionals that what I was experiencing was normal. The sad thing about that is that my story is not unique. This is the same story I hear over and over again from the women I work with. We must start working together to make a change in this area of women’s health. If we expect women to do all of the things let’s make sure we are empowering them with the right resources so that they have bodies that work right!

Things moms are being told are normal after childbirth

These things are VERY COMMON but NEVER NORMAL

– leaking and incontinence (urinary and fecal)

– painful sex

– lower back and hip pain

– pressure down there (pelvic organ prolapse, hemorrhoids)

– queefing in yoga class – this shouldn’t be a thing! (Queefing is the audible releasing of air from the vagina)

One of the biggest struggles I had once I discovered I had a diastasis recti was what to do and was it safe for my body?
The more I read the more confused I got. One article would say that something was safe and then the next would state the complete opposite. This is why I was so excited to find MUTU! A program that had everything I was looking for and real people to answer my questions when I had them! It was the first time I felt like someone was really listening, and my feelings and symptoms were validated. As I started my journey to specialize in this area of postpartum fitness I quickly learned that just because it said “postpartum fitness” and “diastasis recti friendly”didn’t mean it was safe.

This is such a delicate area of a moms wellbeing, you deserve every step of your journey to healing to be in the right direction! This is what MUTU and M.O.M.S. are all about. We truly understand the postpartum body and what it has gone through. For someone who suffered for so many years with no answers, I have made it my mission in life to make this as easy as possible for you. Grabbing your hand if you need me to and walking you along the journey!

How to find an expert?

This can be very overwhelming and often women don’t even know where to start. ! I assure you as someone who put her own body through the MUTU program before becoming a MUTU Pro, this is exactly what you need for your postpartum body. Looking for someone to guide you along the way check out the listing of our amazing MUTU Pro’s here! 

I am sad for the women who share their stories with me. Hearing similar stories over and over again with women suffering! As fitness professionals, we are often the first ones to see moms after they have been cleared to go back to that  “normal activity.” Which always seems to include working out and sex. Why those two things continue to be the top priority after having a baby is still mind-blowing to me. Women deserve to have the education, resources and tools on the pelvic floor and core health and deserve to have bodies that work right! You deserve to get this information before you start suffering from symptoms or your symptoms get worse.

We have so much work to do and so many bridges to build in this area of women’s health. We need all healthcare professionals, especially those working with women to talk about these topics. Bring light to the women who are suffering in silence. By simply starting the conversation and giving a resource can change someone’s life! Empowering women with body confidence should never be a competition!


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