One MUTU Mama recently shared her initial feeling that she had been ‘disfigured’ by giving birth. With a painful, red-striped belly that continued to look pregnant long after she had her first child, she felt bad that her body had not just snapped back into place. These are powerful words – but her story is one that so many mums can relate to. Does it sound familiar to you?

It takes rock solid self esteem to be completely unfazed by the rapid changes to the cosmetic appearance of your body brought about by pregnancy and birth. It’s wonderful when you hear women say they’ve come to accept their childbearing hips, rounded tummy and stretch marks. Our mama bodies are truly amazing and we should strive to feel proud of them whatever shape they are.

But what we should not accept, or consider to be ‘as good as it gets’, is having a body that is weak, or in poor working order.

If you’re experiencing backache or incontinence, do not put up with it! It can be sorted! These are symptoms of an unstable core. By performing the right core exercises, and avoiding the wrong ones, you can strengthen your back, abs and pelvic floor – and kiss goodbye to back pain and wet knickers!

That’s what MUTU System is about. Not designed to get mums’ bodies to fit a cookie cutter mould of being slim and toned. It’s not about fitting back into your skinny jeans ASAP,because that just not the most important thing. It’s really not.

Instead of cookie cutter, let’s go for strong and confident. Not just proud of the way you look, but assured of your fitness and optimum health. That’s what MUTU System is in your corner for. Ah, there’s just one thing… You will actually get flatter abs and a trim waistline in the process… I hope that’s OK with you? ;)

You see there is a fine line between body acceptance and brushing problems under the carpet. If you want to feel truly comfortable in your own skin, you need to be honest about what matters and what doesn’t. Being able to run and jump and sneeze without leaking matters. and lifting your child up into the air without agonizing pain in the back really is a joy not to be missed!

When you accept that certain things need to change, so that you can live life to the full, there’s no time like the present to get started!