Trying to lose your baby weight fast can feel like a long old road. Your ‘Mummy Tummy’ is wobbly for a number of reasons, all of which are covered elsewhere on this blog, but here we’re talking about the specific foods you need to avoid if you’re ever going to see that flat tummy. These foods will make or keep your mummy tummy looking fat and bloated, regardless of how much you exercise!

Of course if you eat more food than your body needs, you will gain fat and will struggle to lose your baby weight. But there’s a bit more to it than that, when you are storing excessive or disproportionate amounts of fat around your abdomen, and / or suffer from bloating. If this is you, then that tummy isn’t baby fat and you can get rid of it! By eating ‘clean food’, balancing your blood sugar and avoiding foods which cause bloating or intolerance.

Storing disproportionate fat around your waist is directly related to SUGAR, and how you manage the insulin level in your blood. Taken to the extreme, diseases like diabetes type 2 can be the result. It may also be due to FOOD INTOLERANCE OR ALLERGY.


First we need a little ‘science bit’, so concentrate ;) Insulin is a hormone our body produces to control the circulating sugar level in our blood. It is also a fat storage hormone. Storing fat is one of insulin’s jobs.  High levels of insulin in your blood make your body really, really *clever* at storing fat. The insulin will actually inhibit the breakdown of fat, so no matter how much you exercise, you won’t lose your baby weight and the flabby tummy remains.

When we eat food, insulin is released to ensure that our blood sugar level doesn’t rise too high. The amount of insulin released depends upon the type of food that we eat – the more sugar, the more insulin is needed. This is not just about eating obvious sugar, like cakes, sweets or cookies, but any highly refined, starchy, carbohydrate foods such as white pasta, white bread, white rice, or alcohol.

As far as your body is concerned, any refined or simple carbohydrate is pure sugar. It can’t tell the difference!

Carbohydrate-rich foods serve as our main source of energy, and are ESSENTIAL, especially for a busy mother with many demands on her time and energy, and definitely if you’re breastfeeding. You SHOULD NOT cut out all carbs. But if you want to lose your baby weight, you do need to cut out bad carbs.

Your consumption of carbs should be in the form of whole-grains, fruits and vegetables. If there is no alternative but to use white pasta or rice, ensure that there is a good level of protein (beans, eggs, fish, meat) in the same meal to help balance your blood sugar level.

We commonly think of fat as the problem when it comes to being fat, but actually sugar is the real enemy. Sugar, in all its forms and including alcohol, is empty calories, plain and simple.

Stress, caffeine and other stimulants and skipping meals are also major culprits. All of these things create stress hormones which trigger the release of even more glucose from your liver into your blood stream. More glucose (IE more sugar) = more insulin = more fat.

Stress could be ‘life’ stress, but it could also be ‘body’ stress caused by eating rubbish foods, not drinking enough water or not getting enough sleep. Another reason to take time out and relax – stress doesn’t just make you stressed, it makes you fat!


Firstly, an intolerance is not the same as an allergy. If you are allergic to a particular food, it will cause an immediate (or within an hour of eating), acute reaction. This is likely to be itching in the mouth, difficulty breathing or swallowing, followed by vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. It is an abnormal, immune response to certain food (such as peanuts, shellfish or milk). Less than 3% of adults and 6-8% of children have clinically proven, true allergic reactions to food.

A food intolerance is much more prevalent, and is defined by a difficulty or inability to digest certain foods. This is usually due to insufficient digestive enzymes in the intestine. It doesn’t affect the immune system and is rarely life threatening. Unabsorbed foods cause gas, bloating and cramping, particularly if large quantities of the food is eaten. Common offenders are milk products, wheat or other gluten-containing grains.

A bloated or gas-filled intestine will appear as a distended and enlarged abdomen… that’s not baby fat you need to lose, that’s gas and an unhappy digestive system… Only cut out one food at a time (otherwise you won’t know what caused the reaction) and see if you feel any different after a week. If there is no difference, re-introduce the food and try something else. The western diet typically includes excessive amounts of wheat and dairy products anyway, so going without for a few days will certainly not do you any harm!

And you may even see a rather miraculous change in the shape of your tummy as you LOSE YOUR “BABY WEIGHT” FOR GOOD!