The best way to lose baby weight fast, is by doing what mums do best – lots of things at the same time! You apply your juggling skills every minute of the day looking after your family, your work and your life, so apply it to your baby weight loss efforts!

If you want to lose your baby weight and get your post pregnancy body to where you want it, you need to work your muscles as well as get out of breath and diet.

Why? 2 Reasons:

  • Muscle requires more calories to exist than fat. So if you have a higher proportion of lean muscle than fat, your metabolism is higher and you burn more calories, just *being*. Cool.
  • Muscle = shape. Just losing weight means you get thinner. And if there was a lot of fat to lose, thinner and kinda baggy. Now if thin and baggy is your goal, then just eat less. But if you want be lean, shapely and strong (which sounds rather more appealing) then you need some muscle

If you do ever manage (or feel inclined) to get to a gym, you’ll be familiar with the machines. The ones that you sit (usually) on whilst working one muscle or small group of muscles. You pin down your legs whilst raising your feet repetitively. You sit and pull 2 pads in front of you. You lie on your front, pinned down in various places, as you tuck your feet to your butt.

These machines have a specific purpose: to isolate  and work one muscle whilst supporting or holding the rest of your body.  There are 700 or so muscles in your body, around 200 of which will ever be discussed in a gym. A massage therapist or specialist will know about another 100 or so…

That’s a long time in the gym if you’re going to work them one at a time :(

There’s a bit of exercise professional jargon called ‘Functional Exercise’. Often found in a sentence with ‘Core Strength‘.  I talk about this stuff quite a lot… But this jargon actually means a very *sensible* postpartum workout.

You see you NEVER sit at your kitchen table repeatedly raising your legs in front of you with a large weight on your thighs. You NEVER repeatedly bend your elbow and bring your hand to your chest. You’re using one muscle all its own and that’s not REAL. It’s not ‘functional’. It also not going to be hugely effective at losing that baby weight…

A real or functional exercise would be one that enables you to do the following with ease and without putting your back out…

Bending down to the floor repeatedly as you tidy toys or pick up discarded laundry. Lunging forward to grab a toddler about to run across the road, or reaching down and forward to wipe his nose before he runs away. Picking up a baby from the floor or awkwardly from inside a cot or out of car.  Heaving that sleeping infant, strapped into his car seat, out of a car, closing the car door with one foot whilst gabbing your bag with the other and running through the rain into the house finding your keys. Twisting around in the car to reprimand or calm bored travelling children.

These movements, fellow mum, you will be very familiar with! You do them every day.  A truly effective, fat burning mummy tummy workout  is one that also makes you fit for purpose. Fit and strong to perform the *functions* that you do.

The postpartum exercises you need are body-weight, resistance exercises, that work not only the large muscle groups of your upper and lower body, but also the stabilising abdominal muscles of your core. You’ll find them all over this blog: lunges, push ups, squats and rows. Movements that make you strong and keep you injury free, that mean you can lift, push, pull, twist and carry with ease… and the added bonus is that if you do them right, you burn lots of calories and you lose that baby weight fast.

Multitasking. We’re good at that! So don’t waste your time in the gym – make your body work like its supposed to Use your body as a complete system, rather than as a sum of its parts.

If the above sounds complicated, head for the MUTU System 12 Week Program – I’ve done all the thinking for you – you just have to find 15 minutes and move :)