Losing your baby-weight is determined in your kitchen first and foremost, but once the pounds start to drop off, things start to get a bit wobbly. Kinda… saggy.  Which is where the exercise bit needs to kick in!

Every mum who wants to lose her baby weight laments she has no time to exercise. And she’s right. If exercising means an hour’s class at the gym, with a drive at each end, a shower, a crowded changing room and possibly a creche booking to negotiate.

I used to do the whole ‘gym bunny’ thing – spending hours in shiny gyms on shiny equipment and attending loud, pumping, motivating choreographed classes. Then I had babies. The gym membership card gathered dust while the direct debit just made me feel slightly rubbish as each month of non-attendance went by.

So instead I changed my mindset. Exercise that drops baby weight (or that could be toddler- or pre-schooler-weight ;)) fast is short, sharp and intensive. It’s interval training, full body-weight exercises like squats, push ups, lunges and pull-ups done with core engagement, great technique + intensity. Like the MUTU Intensive workouts in our flagship 12 Week Program: low impact  but high intensity. No jumping… maximum results.

It’s really not as intimidating as it sounds – it’s knowing a few moves and putting them together, working hard, for 15 minute sessions whenever and wherever you can manage. Take what you can get get. But take something. 15 minutes is enough time to have a cup of tea and half a packet of cookies. It”s  also enough time to do a seriously intensive, effective workout in your own front room or garden. Either choice will impact your ‘mummy tummy’ quite dramatically… ;)

A common concern is that we’ll get all bulky if we build muscle. Nah. The bodybuilder look doesn’t arrive overnight after a few push ups. The body builder look requires hours of weight training, sustained over time, with very heavy weights and a diet that involves lots of  shake-type concoctions and very little fun.

On the flip-side, the muscle you will build by doing the interval and body-weight type workouts listed above, is the toned, lean, kind. The kind of muscle that gives your arms shape, rather than wobble and that holds that tummy in. Big muscle groups need lots of energy (ie calories) to exist – a lot more than fat does. Lean muscle burns calories at rest, fat just, well rests.

Losing baby weight requires fewer of the wrong type and more of the right type of calories consumed, consistently, over time. Build some strength and lean muscle in the process and you’ll get the shape you want too, as well as the number on the scales!