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Losing weight after pregnancy can often seem to be one of the first things mamas tend to worry about after delivering their baby. Social media is really good at having us believe that we should all jump up and ‘snap back’ (who else hates that term?) right after the baby arrives, looking like we were never pregnant! There are so many other things we should be worried about.

If losing weight is one of your goals, we’re right behind you mama, but here at MUTU System there are a few things we want to encourage you to focus on first, so you can go on to do the sweaty, intensive workouts you love, safely and effectively. First and foremost we need to have bodies that feel good and work right! Yes, the baby is important but, but so are you mama! With well baby visits happening pretty frequently after the baby is born they are usually good. It’s you, mama, that needs some extra love too!

It’s Normal to Gain Weight During Pregnancy

Gaining weight during pregnancy is essential for the baby to grow and be healthy, and  comes from a few different sources, and we should consider them all:

The baby 👶 


Amniotic fluid 💧

Breast tissue 🍈🍈

Blood supply 🔴 

Stored fat for delivery and breastfeeding (if you choose)

Your larger uterus that houses baby 🏠 

Wow, our bodies are truly amazing and know exactly what they need to do for our growing baby. 

(Info from webMD)

Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Every body is different, literally! And so is every pregnancy, birth and woman! Losing weight after pregnancy can absolutely be a goal, but be sure you allow your body and mind the proper time to heal first. Starting any exercise or new eating habits nice and slow.

Whether you are 6 weeks postpartum or many months or years postpartum, the same rules apply here:

✔️ Ensure you have worked on the foundational strength first and foremost before embarking on intensive exercise. Make sure to show your core and pelvic floor a little attention and love before the high intensity stuff. 

✔️ Pay attention to different factors that can contribute to your weight loss. Are you eating healthy? Are you breastfeeding? Remember your body is smart and often wants to hang on to some extra fat so you can produce milk for your babe. Time is always a factor? Did you head back to work, do you have a good support system, is your partner helping you? Be kind to yourself mama and most importantly make sure you are feeling good, both inside and out!

✔️ Take it slow and steady. Losing weight after pregnancy isn’t a race. You’re going at exactly the right pace for you and your body.

Recently one of our MUTU mamas said “now that my baby is a year old I really need to start working out again.” Insert a round of applause right here! Most of us are cleared at six weeks to go back to “normal activity” which always seems to include sex and exercise. Typically the last two things any tired mama is worried about doing! So proud of this mama for really giving herself and her body time to heal. 

MUTU System strives to empower women through body confidence. Our mamas come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We want you rehabbing and strengthening core and pelvic floor first, seeing a women’s health PT if you have access and slowly easing your way into motherhood and your new norm. 

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