If you’re doing the MUTU System program you’ll know we’re big advocates of the squat. It’s often labeled as an exercise, but really is just a natural human movement that many of us have now stopped doing altogether! Chairs, desks, cars, modern toilets… All these lifestyle habits mean we just don’t squat unless we’re in exercise class, if at all.

But we’re here to tell you why we love the squat so much and why you should get down as much as you can! Fancy winning a Squatty Potty in the process? Read on!

Flexibility will be your friend

Squatting more will help you to become more and more flexible and strengthen and fire your glutes which is imperative to good postural alignment. By doing deep squats you’re encouraging a range of movement that we don’t get generally in our modern lifestyle.

Pooping just got easier

We’ll let our friends at Squatty Potty explain. Because they have pooping unicorns and we simply can’t compete with pooping unicorns!

Strengthens your Pelvic floor

Western culture and not ever doing squats can be a contributing factor to a weak/tight pelvic floor. Squat more and start encouraging your pelvic floor to do it’s thing as nature intended.

Counteracts the position of sitting

We all sit WAY too much and sometimes it can’t be helped. If you work in an office environment, you may have to sit at your desk for 7 hours a day. Squatting more is going to help encourage the movement we lose when we just sit for hours on end.

Tip: when you do have to sit on a chair, sit up straight, near the front edge of the chair, on your Ischial Tuberosities or ‘sit bones’, not curled under with your weight down through your tailbone.

It’s also important to mention here that all of the above will only be achieved if you’re squatting correctly. We’ve a video to help with that ;-)

So, our friends at Squatty Potty are giving one lucky mama a chance to up her bathroom game! The rules are simple. Show us what your squat’s got! Get down, wherever you like. The gym, at home, the beach, the city…. Wherever the mood takes you, squat! Get a willing volunteer to snap your squat and tag @mutusystem @squattypotty and use #fortheloveofsquat to be entered into the competition. Extra points for imagination!

Wendy has been getting her squat on to celebrate our giveaway!