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Stop for a second. Self love challenge. What are the three things you love most about yourself?

It’s kinda hard, right?!

Sometimes it’s easier to think of the things we love about others, compared to what we love about ourselves.

We recognise as mothers that it’s something we don’t do enough, so we set a challenge and asked our community of mamas to tell us what they love most about themselves.

Try it.

The three things I love most about myself are…[FILL IN THE BLANK].

Being kinder to yourself and making time for you is the foundation for a more effective postnatal recovery. Whether you’re 8 weeks postpartum or 40+ years postpartum, you deserve the time, energy and love it takes to heal your body. And it all starts with a little self-love.

Not only is self love beneficial to you as a mother, but it will also have a positive impact on your family. By giving yourself the time and love you need to heal, you are able to do the things you need to do day to day, a whole lot better. That includes being a mother, partner, friend, colleague or neighbor. Whatever you were put on this earth to do, you’ll do it better if you ensure your cup is full, first and foremost. As mothers, we deserve nothing less than to feel good, happy and healthy while we go about our day.

So if you’re putting up with postnatal symptoms that make you feel bad, if you don’t make enough time to focus on your health, if you want to exercise and move your body but don’t, if you struggle to prioritize you, then follow these steps.

love you first - mutu system

5 Steps To Loving Yourself Better

Step #1 Stop letting yourself fall to the bottom of the priority pile again. Since having your baby (or babies) you’ve been running around, prioritizing everyone else but yourself. Your health and happiness is key to your family’s health and happiness.

Step #2 Set aside time each day for you. That might mean getting up a little earlier, before the kids, if you can, or before you sit down to relax at nighttime. Spend 15-30 mins on yourself. MUTU workouts start from just 12 minutes a day. That’s all it takes to start reconnecting with your body again.

Step #3 Get a nice body moisturizer and use it every day. Spending a minute of your day moisturizing your whole body can be so beneficial. Touch is so powerful in connecting with your own body and it always feels nice to have moisturized skin, right!? We recommend using some organic, cold pressed coconut oil.

Step #4 Step outside each day for a walk. Moving your body and getting some fresh air will act as a daily reset for you. Plus, walking is so beneficial to your pelvic health and recovery.

Step #5 Make sure you eat something nutritious and healing today. By eating fresh, nutrient-rich food, you’re helping your body to heal, showing it some love and giving it the energy it needs to help you move and heal in the best way possible.

Start your journey of self-love and recovery today with MUTU System. Get instant access to the medically recommended postnatal exercise and recovery program.