We love it when you share your post-baby body healing stories with us and we’re so delighted to share this latest one from mum of two, Lydia. Lydia is mama to her 3 year old boy and her latest addition, a baby girl who is 7 months old.

What brought you to MUTU in the first place?

I was looking online the first time I had my son, for programs on ab separation but I never quite pursued following anything back then as my recovery with him was pretty good after a 2 finger separation. I stuck to a couple of exercises on YouTube to help me. I

It was after the birth of my second, I was told I had a full hand width separation and to be extremely careful lifting anything as it could cause hernia/prolapse. I was pretty devastated because with the pregnancy I tried to remain fit and conscious about the exercises I chose to do to avoid ab separation. After my c section I was given a brace to wear, but that wasn’t enough for me, because I knew I had to work my inner core muscles.

How were you feeling before you started the program?

Extremely weak in my core, even just bending forward I knew I was putting extreme pressure on the separation. So things like rocking my little one to sleep while holding her in bed, was tough at times as it would cause back pain the next day. I felt uncomfortable in my postpartum body all round.

How did you get on with the program? Tell us about any bumps in the road and any victories.

I loved it. Being quite fit before pregnancy and during pregnancy, I found that MUTU was a great way to ease back into my fitness routine. The core exercises were spot on. I could literally feel my transverse abdominis working with each exercise, it targeted those muscles fantastically. I did get frustrated at times that I wasn’t able to do some of the exercises I used to love doing. I remember trying this intense HIIT workout one week and suffering extreme pain a few days afterwards. From there on I said to myself I wasn’t going to do that, but just concentrate on the MUTU program, as it was designed specifically to heal my postpartum body.

What was your favourite part of the program?

I love being able to exercise without my shoes on, it made me feel grounded and that my posture was being corrected. I also love the variety of intense workouts you eventually get choose from as you go up each week, and how many of the exercises target more than one muscle group. Like for instance the squat with pull on the resistance band and kick, makes life exercising a lot easier working multiple muscle groups at the same times, especially as a busy mum not being able to dedicate hours to various muscle groups. I think one of my favourites is the Sumo to Uma Kick. It makes me feel strong! I also love the fact that the workouts are under 30 minutes. That was extremely important since most of the time I’m trying to squeeze exercise in to my busy mum schedule during the day.

Now you’ve completed the program, tell us about your results and how far you’ve come.

Physically my core is more strengthened. I’m yet to go to a physiotherapist for a check up, but upon self examination my abs are back to 2 finger worth separation. Still a bit of work to do, (I continue to do the program because I love it, even though I’ve completed it!) but i’m happy with this progress. My stomach has shrunk too and I feel stronger when I do happen to sit up or get up in bed at times. My body definitely feels more aligned from the inside out.

Emotionally I feel happier doing this program. Fitness is something that got me out of the post baby blues with my first and equally just the same this time round. When I exercise I feel happier (maybe it’s the endorphins too) but emotionally I feel stronger as a mother and mentally able to conquer, as I feel the physical also plays a part in helping conquer the battles in the mind.

Did you have any unexpected results from the program? Stuff you weren’t expecting but was an added bonus.

I think the added weight loss and tone especially in the bottom half of my body. I think the intense program concentrates a lot on squats and lunges, which has helped be lose the excess baby weight without focusing a great deal on calorie counting. I also feel more like my bottom and legs have toned up more! An added bonus, I mean bootys are the rage these days right?! 

Looking back. What would you say to your ‘before MUTU self’?

That it’s going to be ok. I think I used to look at myself and feel that I wouldn’t achieve the results I was after, that I might never repair my ab separation and my body wouldn’t heal. I would say to believe in myself more and not doubt that i can achieve what I put my mind to. I would also say that what my body has been through is amazing. Carrying and bearing a child through major operation, it’s something to be proud of and not ashamed of.

Do you have a message for any mums sitting on the fence about joining the MUTU community?

I’d say don’t doubt how far your body can go. MUTU is an incredible program that is specifically aimed for mums with a busy lifestyle. It’s also aimed at repairing ab separations and is extremely medically credible (which is one of the main reasons I chose it over others). The exercises are created specifically to target areas a mum wishes to work on with her postpartum body. The core exercises should be a mum’s best friend, a staple everyday.

How has MUTU impacted on your life personally and your family too?

MUTU has been a great program that has fitted into my family life well. It’s an appropriate length with its workouts not too long, and the variety also helps keep you motivated but yet the consistencies also help you see great results. My little 3 year old also loves to join in on the workouts sometimes, especially the workouts using the bands. He tries to copy the Frankenstein exercises! It’s been an added source of joy for me seeing him get involved in a positive way too. I also like the fact that he gets to see his mummy workout at times, it’s a good example of health to him also as he grows up.

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