Postpartum pain, diastasis recti, a still pregnant-looking belly, incontinence. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for moms to just put up with these symptoms after they’ve had a baby. I’m not just talking 8 weeks postpartum, sometimes 10, 20, or 30+ years postpartum! 

One mama who is raising the bar higher on her own postpartum health and fitness is mom of 2, Markea. We’re delighted that she agreed to share her story. 

Hi, I’m Markea. I’m 29, a wife and stay at home Mama of two beautiful little girls, age 2 and 8 months.

I was 3 months postpartum when a friend introduced me to MUTU System.

Before I started MUTU, I was diagnosed by my midwife with diastasis recti with an abdominal separation that was 4 fingers wide. It looked like I was 5 months pregnant and I couldn’t walk far without pain and aching.

Initially, I became a little frustrated because the Core 1 breathing exercises were difficult. For someone who was used to working on the outside of my body, I now had to learn to breathe to help fix an issue on the inside of my body, which to be honest, I never had any knowledge of.

We see products, equipment, and are given advice on how to make ya fit outwardly. But, Nicole in the MUTU Mama Connect Community was so helpful and answered any questions that I had.

I really enjoyed the CORE 1 exercises of MUTU System. It was easy and something I could do with my girls present.

“You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Diastasis Recti does not take away those facts.” – Markea, Mom of 2.

I have not quite completed the program. But I noticed my mood was a lot better and the most important thing of all, my 4 finger gap deceased to a 1 finger gap within a month.

Whenever I had a question or became frustrated, Nicole (MUTU Mama Connect Community Manager) was able to help and made me feel a lot better. Her quick response and reference to videos on how to properly inhale and exhale while engaging my core were thorough and for some reason, after she explained it, it finally clicked.

If you’re sitting on the fence, join! You don’t have to go anywhere. Everything is done at home and at your own pace around your schedule.

I feel better and look better I am better for my family.

MUTU System reveiw

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> Stop leaks and incontinence 

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