FittaMamma creates  maternity activewear to help pregnant and postnatal women feel and look good whilst staying active. We recently tried out their range during a MUTU System Program and we were seriously impressed.
They have kindly written a guest blog for all you MUTU Mamas. 

Medical experts recommend that all healthy pregnant women should aim for 30 minutes of exercise every day.  It’s good for you, good for your baby and women who maintain their fitness during pregnancy tend to recover more quickly and find it easier to get back into fitness again after their baby is born.

There’s normally no reason not to continue to stay active throughout pregnancy – but for many expectant mums, the length of time they continue to exercise is restricted by the size of their gym wear.

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A recent survey carried out by the University of Portsmouth flagged up that nearly a third (31%) of mothers gave up exercise during pregnancy because their fitness wear didn’t fit properly.  And almost half of the women who scaled back to the sofa didn’t make it back to regular exercise after their baby is born.

With so many changes happening to your body it’s important to feel good about yourself and good about the way you look – and that means feeling confident and stylish when you stay active.

Baby bumps are beautiful and you should be proud of the changes to your body – but not everyone feels comfortable flaunting their bumps when they exercise.

Top tips for maternity activewear

As leading maternity fitness wear experts here are our top tips around what’s good, what to avoid and why it’s not worth simply borrowing your partners baggy t-shirt.

1. Leggings that don’t fit properly, or weren’t designed for pregnancy exercise will let you down. In our view, you should ditch any pair of leggings one pregnant woman, one postnatal woman holding a baby and a third woman all wearing fittamamma activewear that fall down, constrict your bump or become see-through when you squat.

2. Looking good when you workout is a fantastic motivator. If there’s a time when you deserve to feel okay about how you look when you exercise it’s pretty much anytime during pregnancy and anytime when you’re juggling kids, life and exercise.  Well-fitting activewear will boost your confidence and encourage you to keep up the good workouts.

3. But it’s not JUST about looking good when you exercise. Think about how your sports bra makes you feel better up top and transfer that level of support to your tummy.  Supporting your burgeoning baby bump when you exercise doesn’t just boost your comfort and make your belly feel more secure, it will help alleviate the pressure on your pelvic girdle, improve your posture and ease the discomfort if you’re suffering from lower backache.

4. Don’t put off transitioning to maternity sportswear until you’re halfway through your pregnancy – it’s not a challenge to see how long you can last in your ‘ordinary’ gear. Opt for improved comfort and support just as soon your waistline starts to expand and be glad that you’ll get more wear out of your new Mamma-friendly kit.

5. Choose maternity fitness wear that’s going to look just as good after your baby is born. With the best will in the world, nine months of changes to your body can easily take nine months (or more) to reverse. FlatterAsian woman doing the MUTU System program wearing fittamamma clothesing fitness wear that embraces and supports all those unexpected curves is a joy to wear.  Don’t get locked into thinking ‘maternity’, trust us, we all still wear FittaMamma leggings after having our babies.

6. So which one to buy? The FittaMamma Ultimate range has all the advantages of technical, high-performance fitness wear, with built-in support for your baby bump and your lower back. The Ultimate Sportswear tops feature a built-in bra to help hold your boobs snugly, unique cross back support to lift the weight of your bump and a firm waistband specially constructed to hug your hips and pelvis and make sure the top stays put without riding up when you exercise. The Ultimate Fitness leggings (and capris) have a deep stretchy waistband that supports your bump and lower back, making them super comfortable throughout pregnancy and whilst you get your pre-baby body woman wearing fittamamma activewear doing mutu system

7.Prefer cotton leggings that double up as everyday wear? The FittaMamma standard leggings offer all the support you need for exercise but look just as good teamed with a baggy jumper. What’s not to love about supporting and holding your tummy and lower back all day, every day?   They also come in a capri length with a flash of pink or grey down the side.

8.Breastfeeding? Or intending to breastfeed?  You CAN get nursing sports bras. FittaMamma offers a choice of a softer style yoga bra or a more supportive high impact sports bra.  Wear them during pregnancy for the extra support and enjoy the easy access for feeding after your baby is born.

The FittaMamma range has been carefully designed to fit throughout pregnancy and regain its shape so it still looks good long after your baby is born too. Shop now and save 15% when you use our exclusive code MUTUMAMMA

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