Maternity And Midwifery Festival | MUTU System

We believe in giving women the knowledge and tools that they need to recover in the best way they possibly can postpartum, with the dignity and support they deserve. Working closely with the medical professionals, who are the first point of contact for mothers, means that we can ensure the information that mums so desperately need is given to them as soon as possible. Being informed and empowered means that mothers can be more in control of their postnatal recovery. Focus on maternal mental health and wellbeing, as well as physical health, post-birth, is so incredibly important to a mother’s recovery.

MUTU System CEO and Founder, Wendy Powell, spoke to midwives and student midwives at the London Maternity and Midwifery Festival 2019, Her presentation was on “Non-Surgical Solutions To Diastasis Recti And Pelvic Floor Dysfunction”.

Healthcare practitioners from all across the country gathered at the festival to develop their skills in this sector. These professionals may have been in their job for decades, or they might just be starting out in their first year of training. From a younger generation of midwives right through to the super midwives who’ve helped bring thousands of babies into this world, and worked for years, helping women to birth and recover. No matter their stage, these professionals come together to further their knowledge and continue to learn more around maternal health.

We’ve created lots of free information, resources, and videos for midwives, health visitors and doctors to give to mothers right at the start of their postpartum journey. Wendy kicked off her presentation by showcasing this free MUTU System digital resource. Watch the full presentation filmed at the London Maternity & Midwifery Festival 2019.