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We were really proud to be asked to contribute a guest article to the military spouse website.

Why your core and pelvic floor aren’t healing on their own after birth

I love many things about my work, but what I love the most is listening to women share their stories.

I have seen the power of one sharing their story and showing all women that there is hope! I am a huge advocate for women’s health! I am on a mission to make certain that ALL military women are empowered with resources to have bodies that work right! My passion comes from my personal story of suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction for far too long, and for all of the brave women who have shared their stories and journey with me!

I am the person who sits and listens to them tell their stories. I am the one who allows these women to be vulnerable and shed their tears. I am often the first person who has validated their feelings and the symptoms they have been suffering with. Some have been searching for help for years, and others have suffered in the dark silence because they were ashamed of their own bodies. Too afraid to even ask for help, or have no clue where to start.


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