Do you ever feel lost in the fog of postpartum health and wellness advice? It’s especially difficult when you come across confusing, counter-productive guidance! We decided to help clear the fog by busting a few common mommy tummy myths for you…

Myth #1: You need to do intense ab exercises to get a flat tummy after pregnancy

This couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, you could be making things worse by doing this. It’s important that you do safe, gentle exercise that is going to help strengthen your core and pelvic floor properly so that they function as they should.

Myth #2: Leaking is just ‘a thing’ you have to deal with once you’ve had babies

A really common misconception. Just put a pad in and all will be right in the world… No. Not cool. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. By doing the correct exercises and not rushing back into anything intensive too soon, you can carefully and mindfully strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. A leaky undercarriage is a warning sign that things aren’t right.

Myth #3: It’s going to gross people out if I talk about my undercarriage

We LOVE talking about stuff like this! It’s what we do and we’re here to tell you, lady, that it’s okay to have an open and frank conversation about what’s going on down there. It’s time to start talking about it and embracing everything pelvic floor related if you want to heal.

Myth #4: I look pregnant still because I haven’t shed the baby weight

No amount of running, HIIT or Boxercise is going to get rid of a poochy tummy that’s caused by diastasis recti. You need to focus on strengthening your core and aligning your body to get rid of your mommy tummy and that’s done by following safe steps specifically for postpartum women.

Myth #5: The sooner I get back into training the better

Not until you’re ready. By rushing back into training you’re likely to do more damage than good. Your body needs time to heal. It’s just spent many months growing a baby and then it pushed that baby out. It needs a little rest before you ask too much of it. What to find out how to know when you’re ready?

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