By Bill Bitz – Personal Trainer and MUTU Pro™

As a personal trainer and MUTU Pro™, I train a lot of postpartum women, and weight training is always part of the plan. Most women with Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor issues think that they are unable to weight train, but if it’s done correctly there is no reason not too. I often hear the question, “How long till I can go back to (insert activity here – CrossFit, HIIT, planks, etc)”. My advice is to follow the MUTU System and slowly progress and build the strength needed to do these higher impact exercises. Once a woman strengthens her core properly, we work together to start lifting weights.

I have many postpartum clients that are now lifting more weights than they ever did before having their baby. Their fully functioning core will now aid in the ability to stabilize the spine and the weight and allow them to lift more.

I often explain to non postpartum specialized trainers that they really need to be aware of the signs of Diastasis Recti, and should not be afraid to ask their clients questions about their pregnancy and recovery.

I have found that I have a lot more confidence having these important conversations since becoming MUTU Pro certified. These can be very personal, and now that I am trained, most women have no problems talking to me about their own postpartum issues.

It is extremely important that we as trainers express how weight training needs to be part of the postpartum workout. With the rising numbers in Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, women need to be loading their bodies vertically to stress the bones and build bone density.

Without a fully functioning core they could sustain an injury and/or further damage their Diastasis Recti. I have always been a lifting coach, but now that I am a MUTU Pro, my coaching has reached a new level and it has even helped me reach new personal records.

My top take away tips for working with postpartum women:

  1. Help your client to slowly progress and build the core strength required to weight train properly and effectively after having babies.
  2. Be aware of the signs of Diastasis Recti and a weak pelvic floor. Both these issues can be worsened with certain high impact exercise and lifting.
  3. Find out as much about your postpartum client as you can. Don’t be afraid to ask her questions.


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