Motherhood is one of the most wonderfully brilliant journeys you’ll ever go on, albeit a relentlessly demanding, tiring, sometimes self-doubt filled journey. But we soldier on, because we’re moms and we’re awesome like that and if we stop, then everyone else’s world stops.

That’s the thing, you see. We’re so busy, juggling plates, and god knows what else for everyone else, we’ve completely lost sight of the importance of maintaining the engine that runs this darn ship…

You see for an engine to keep running, it needs regular maintenance, care, checks or it just runs into the ground and stops after a while. See where I’m going?

The same goes for you. You’re a mother and you’re holding everything together at home, in your extended family, at work, in your friendship groups. There’s a lot of demands on you, but do you ever stop to give yourself a little TLC? Do you make time for you and for regular maintenance?

I know sometimes you feel like you’ve lost the real YOU and you’ll never get back to her. I know you feel like you’ve lost a connection with yourself, with your body. You just want to feel happy and confident, energetic and sexy again.

I’m telling you, you can have all of those things.

Just for today (actually, starting today), I want you to practice loving the woman you are. Loving every inch of the body you have and celebrating all it’s done for you.

Just for today I want you to set aside some time, just for you. I know you’re short on time, we all are. So today make time.

For one day let’s make a pact to practice only self-love. Say nice things about yourself instead of grimacing next time you look in the mirror.

Here’s what you deserve as a woman, a mother and a human being:

  • To feel happy.
  • To feel comfortable and sexually confident in your own skin.
  • A body that works as it should and not one that you just put up with.
  • Time for yourself – we can’t promise that there won’t be a toddler hanging off your leg but making time for you is non negotiable.

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