MUTU Mama testimonialsMore MUTU Mama feedback… Jacqui’s story so far!

“I just wanted to say what a fan of your MUTU system I am.  I have just finished week 2 and already my tummy is looking so much better – I am amazed at the results and want to say a big thank you!

I had a little boy 13 months ago and lost all but 2lbs of my baby weight without too much trouble (why are those last 2lbs so difficult?!).  I have to confess that I naively assumed that if I lost the weight and managed to do some exercise (I have been running twice a week for about 40 minutes and attending a yoga class once a week) that everything would slot back into place.


Anyhow, MUTU core with MUTU intensive combined with your comments on posture have really turned things round for me.

I’m hopeful that I might even lose those 2lbs by the end of the twelve week program! Thanks again – and well done – a brilliant package that makes a lot of sense!”

Then 2 weeks later Jacqui emailed again:

“Hi Wendy

Just wanted to let you know that two weeks later on and those 2lbs have gone without me even noticing!  Honestly, I don’t know how you do it – the knowledge you have of how a mummy’s body works is incredible.

I have recommended you to countless friends so I hope some of them come calling.

Thanks again!  I shall continue with the rest of the program because it is simply quite good fun!”

What a star! Well done Jacqui and thank you for your feedback!

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