“My motivation, my body confidence and my Mojo just isn’t there today :( Help!” Inspired after a ‘pick me up’ talk with a client today who has just started the MUTU System programme

Some days we feel totally motivated and positive and focused on what we want. Fitness, health, high self esteem and body confidence. Yes please! Count me in for some of that!

But we all have days when it’s just all a bit “Blah”. How do you get back on that horse? How do you ‘snap out of it’ when you want to eat cake and feel sorry for yourself? How do you start when you feel too fat or too unfit to even start exercising? When you wish that bloody MUTU Woman (that’ll be me then ;)) would just sell a pill or a tummy tuck or something and be done with it?

I KNOW it’s hard. I know how frustrated you get that your body shape doesn’t change more quickly and that it can’t be less effort. I know you wonder (almost wish sometimes!) that SURELY you’re an exception to the rule and have some hormonal / genetic / medically-as-yet-undiscovered condition which means this programme won’t work for you… so why not just give up.

You might have such a condition. But I’m afraid it’s very, very unlikely. And you could get a tummy tuck. But it’s HORRIBLY expensive, and major surgery, and more to the point will have no impact whatsoever on your health, muscle tone, fitness or energy levels…

Keep reminding yourself why you’re doing this. To find / increase your self esteem; to feel like a sexy, capable, strong, healthy woman AS WELL AS a mum. To run around with your kids, to be a fabulous role model who respects and takes care of her body. To be a mother who exercises, is full of energy and who makes sensible, healthy food choices for her whole family in a world full of quick fixes and junk.

Above all, you’re doing this to feel proud and strong and confident in your body. So please keep picking yourself up when you falter and stay with it. Don’t beat yourself up about the blips, instead focus on the successes.

MUTU System was created for women like you. Women with lives and kids and work and households to run. Women who are juggling and coping and making it all happen for everyone else, but who sometimes have to be told to do it for them.