“Don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it’s stormy now doesn’t mean you aren’t headed for sunshine.”

I have no idea who to attribute that quote to, but it sums up my MUTU thought for today (Bear with me. Having a philosophical moment) on:

How to stay motivated when you feel like you failed today.

When you start to change aspects of your lifestyle for the better, like eating good real food and cutting out not so good food; like walking every day; like reducing stress; getting more sleep or exercising more cleverly… you won’t get it right every day.

Some days you will eat bad stuff, not move even your body one little bit, you will be stressed or you will not sleep well enough or long enough. (Hopefully not very often, you may occasionally do a few of these in one day).

Ho hum. The world’s still turning. Your kids survived. The sun’s still in the sky.


Take responsibility for the choices you make, but don’t get all dramatic and all ‘beat-yourself-up’ about it. So you ate something bad. Don’t eat any more of it and next time eat something good. So you didn’t move today. So move lots tomorrow. Get over it. Smile. Move on.

Mamas, we will never always get it right, but if you want to change the way your body looks and feels, you have to change HABITS. The things you do (and don’t do) most of the time. The choices you make most of the time.

You have to change habits and make better choices, more often, consistently, and over time. Then your body will look and feel different.

The more often you make the better choices, the better your body will look and feel. Rocket science it ain’t.

The simple act of buying the program isn’t enough*. Joining the gym, buying the running shoes, eating a salad one day a week and unhealthily the other 6 days, being ‘really good’ Mon-Fri and then binge eating or drinking all weekend, totally over-exercising your body one day and then giving up because it hurt, standing on the scales and hoping for a different result even though you didn’t actually do anything different… won’t cut it.

You have to DO IT. Consistently, daily, and over time.

Aim to walk every day, make better food choices, exercise a few times a week at a level that makes your body sweat and feel alive and strong, say no to the foods, activities and lifestyle choices that you know don’t make your body look and feel better… more often than you don’t.

And the more you make those *good* choices, the better your body will feel and the better it will look. One day at a time. Just keep heading for the sunshine, Lovely.

Need more? You’ll find more of my ramblings on motivation here.

*Worth noting that whilst the mere act of buying our programs won’t give you the body you want unless you actually DO them…  there is a HUGE amount of support available to you! From Wendy and the team as well as in our private MUTU Mama community, there is plenty to keep MUTU Mamas on track!

But yes. You do still have to actually, you know… do it. ;)