Post-pregnancy exercise can be a minefield. Where do you start and what really works?

So here’s the whole Mummy Tummy/Diastasis/Core *Thing* in a nutshell…

1. Crunches or sit-ups are the worst post-pregnancy exercise. They make your tummy pooch out and your pelvic floor pooch down. Not a good look. Don’t do them.

2. If your lower abdomen strains or bulges outwards when you’re doing any ab exercise, you’re making your tummy look worse, not better

3. Sucking in your stomach and thrusting your hips is NOT ‘engaging your core’

4. Hundreds of squeezes ‘like you’re trying not to wee’ won’t fix your pelvic floor. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but the baby didn’t come out of that one…

5. Don’t obsess over Diastasis Recti. Diastasis is actually a SYMPTOM (as are prolapse or hernia) of a more complex problem of intra abdominal pressure and alignment, and these are what need to be addressed. You need to stabilize and then strengthen the entire system of muscles, and the way you stand and move, in order to get your stomach flat. It’s to do with PRESSURE, not torn muscles. Focussing on only the ‘split one at the front’ as the problem is missing the point

6. Tummy exercises don’t make your tummy flat. Eating the right food does that. You can stabilize and strengthen your core with the right exercises, but if there is fat still sitting on top, you won’t see a flat tummy. You’ll see a stable, strong core… with fat on top 😉

That’s it for today my Lovelies… If your current exercise regime isn’t getting you the tummy, waist and pelvic floor you want – join the MUTU Mamas and say hello to your Mojo again!