Think you’re too fat to workout? If you’re a mum with a wobbly mummy tummy and maybe a wobbly mummy-everything-else to go with it, you just need to know how to START…

Sometimes women see the workout videos or so-called perfect bodies… + panic that these kinds of workouts are just too hard. ‘I’m way too fat to do THAT!’

They worry they’re just too fat to exercise at all. And when they hear about burpees and skipping and interval training…  lunges and push-ups… they think ‘Woah there Lady! I don’t DO running. I can’t do ONE lunge because my knees give way. I’m too heavy / too unfit / too weak to do THIS stuff! (Now pass the crisps and get off my case).’

Running and working out is for *other women*. Fit, skinny, bouncy women who seem to find it easy and who look good in workout gear.  ‘Not for YOU with your mummy tummy, wobbly bits, and uncoordinated, out-of-breath efforts… 🙁 ‘I hear from women who won’t run in daylight in case someone sees them. They wouldn’t dream of joining a gym because the thought of getting changed or working up a sweat in front of other people is frankly mortifying.

It’s HARD when your body feels so heavy that it actually hurts to walk up a hill. It HURTS when you feel bigger and fatter than everyone else in the room. It’s REALLY TOUGH when you hate what you see in the mirror, whilst everywhere you look there’s a photoshopped 20-year-old pouting at you out of a magazine.

But if you find it hard, you can be sure others do too, and that they find YOU so bloody incredibly inspiring and brilliant when you start to make changes!

Small changes like swapping a milky latte for a green tea or walking up the stairs instead of taking the escalator.

Big changes like starting to jog home from the school run, cutting out junk from your diet or committing to doing just some exercise, every day.

Please, please don’t be daunted or intimidated by the workouts you watch or hear about on this website or any other.

Just start to move a little bit more than you do now and start to change the food you eat, one thing at a time. Forget the fancy equipment, you don’t need anything to start. Keep it low impact and rest when you need to.

Jog for 30 seconds. It doesn’t matter if you have to walk for 5 whole minutes to get your breath back… just do it then jog for another 30 seconds. Do that 3 times. Then when you’ve done that for a couple of days, jog for 10 more seconds each time. Then only take 4.5 minutes to get your breath back. And as you lower the rest time,  repeat it 5 times instead of 3. You get the idea. Keeping the overall workout time at around 20 minutes total is fine – just keep increasing the run, and decreasing the rest… gradually.

That’s it! You’ve started running! You’re “A Runner”. You’re “Someone Who Runs”. Got that? YOU! Keep saying it to yourself … you deserve to be out there filling your lungs with fresh air and moving your body just as much as the skinny bouncy people. Don’t give up! You have to do it consistently, day in, day out (5/6 days a week ideally… but its only 20 minutes at a time!) and you WILL see results. Those results will motivate you to continue, but you have to start.

Don’t want to go out in public? Try 30 seconds low impact exercise in your front room or garden then rest for 1 minute. Repeat and keep alternating for 10-15 minutes. Put on some music you love to make you smile. You gradually increase your hard work, whilst decreasing your rest time, but you don’t have to increase total workout time… That’s an interval training workout!

‘High-Intensity Interval Training’ – you just DID that!

The biggest challenge of all is to believe that you deserve to feel better about the way you look. You have to start to like yourself a little bit because we only really take care of what we think deserves to be taken care of… Keep telling yourself that you can do it, that you deserve it. Keep saying it even if you don’t believe it yet. And as you work out and start to feel strong and to see results, you’ll start to believe it! Our bodies are made to move. They like it and they look good on it! 😉

Do you think you’re too heavy or too unfit to workout? Have you felt like this in the past? How did you *just start* and where are you now? There is nothing more inspiring to others than one brave soul stepping up… and every mum and mom on here whoever wanted to feel a bit sexier, leaner, stronger and more confident is supporting you!