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When I started out it didn’t occur to me that my business was about sex. But when women get strong and functional, improve their self confidence, increase their energy and restore their pelvic floor, I guess rediscovered and reclaimed Mojo’s shouldn’t be a surprise!

All moms know that once food has been prepared, tantrums dealt with, night wakings comforted, toys tidied and multiple demands met… ‘getting down to it’ in the bedroom is often not exactly right at the top of our list of priorities.

Sleep is. Or maybe wine. But not sex. You’re totally exhausted. You’re probably a little stressed or emotional. You’re maybe feeling slightly less than gorgeous in the naked stakes.

But when women embrace their MUTU, are feeling trim and toned, full of energy, and like they could positively pick up a small fruit with their pelvic floor…

They’re up for it.

Sex, orgasms and MUTU are a hot topic in our customer forum with mamas openly discussing how MUTU has improved their sex life.

One particular MUTU Mama described the sensation of actually doing MUTU exercises as orgasmic! Seriously, where do I sign up, I hear you say! We thought we’d give you a sneak peek at some of the ‘perks’ of MUTU being discussed inside the private support group.

“Umm. I’d have to say that I think my husband has noticed the improvement in the strength of my pelvic floor”

“I’ve always wondered (but have been too embarrassed to ask) if anyone else feels a sensation in the pelvic floor when doing the exercises that is slightly (very slightly) comparable to the feeling of an orgasm”.

“Yes! Sex feels better. A lovely MUTU side effect”.

“Pain free sex is delicious!”

“I’m stronger, and my pelvic floor is functioning properly… it makes a difference and
my husband can notice a difference as well… He is also a big fan of MUTU 😜”

I couldn’t be more delighted that MUTU is contributing to your orgasmic experiences…
You’re welcome ;-)