When you start making changes to your diet, it can be really, really difficult to stay on track and plan when not everyone in your household is on board. Well the good news is, MUTU Food is pretty family friendly and we’ve got some tried and tested ideas in store that we know your little ones love, and that will help to you raise healthy and happy kids!

A healthy kind of chicken nugget!

Forget the frozen in a bag (full of bad stuff) chicken nuggets. Kids LOVE tasty easy to eat food like this but it’s generally not good for them. Unless of course you are armed with our nifty recipe for paleo chicken nuggets. Perfect finger food packed full of protein and goodness. Great for fusspots!

Sweet potato curly fries.

They taste delicious, are full of nutritional value and look awesome too! You can even get the kids involved with some supervised spiralizing to make food and mealtimes fun!

Mini Eggplant Pizzas

Still tastes like pizza but without the bread dough base. Involve the kids by getting them to add toppings of their own. You can ‘adult’ these up with some more fancy toppings for the grown ups too.

Homemade Guacamole with veggie sticks

It’s as easy as it sounds. Chop up any raw vegetables, whizz up some guacamole and let your little ones enjoy dipping finger food into a homemade bowl of goodness. Quick, fun and easy, perfect for after school snacks or even food on the go.

Breakfast pancakes

Let’s face it, kids love pancakes! So why not replace the standard, full of flour and sugar version for a delicious paleo version. Drizzle with honey and fresh fruit to sweeten to make breakfast time a little more healthy and family friendly.


Make it your MUTU Mama mission to try one of these dishes this week and upload your effort to Instagram using #MUTUFood! We can’t wait to see your drool-worthy attempts!