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We love hearing from our MUTU Mamas about their journeys. It really means a lot to the whole MUTU family when you take the time to share your stories with us.

We’re delighted to share this latest one from mom of 3, Claudia Morzan.

I´m 42 years, wife and mom of 3 boys, Mariano has 18 years old and Maximiliano and Tomás 5 months old, twins after 18 years!. I´m Peruvian and we moved to Trinidad and Tobago because of my husband´s work, we are enjoying living in the Caribbean. I´m a Certificate Health Coach who loves to empower woman to be the best version of themselves.

Claudia Morzan | MUTU System journey

Why I started MUTU System

After Two and a half months of giving birth, I felt it was the moment to start searching for information about healing diastasis recti, I knew I had it because of my twins pregnancy, and I found MUTU, as soon as I read all the information posted I knew it was for me. I was so excited about starting the program.

3 months postpartum | MUTU System

3 Months Postpartum | Just starting MUTU System

When I started the program my core was really weak and I had terrible back pain, ( I´m 1.58m tall, and carrying twins wasn´t easy for me, a lot of discomfort and back pain), also I leaked every time I sneezed.

Before starting the program, I was very anxious because I wanted to exercise again, (I exercised until week 29). I had a very painful c section recovery that made me feel I was not going to exercise the same way I used to anymore. My body was very weak after carrying 2 babies for 35 weeks and Core exercises were the perfect start.

I started the program 3 month PP. At the beginning my c-section was hurting during the night, so I had to stop every 2 or 3 days, my body needed some days to recover from the daily walk. I made module one twice, I knew that I had to be gentle with my body and be patient, Healing and recovery was going to take time.

Now I´m halfway and feeling great!, I can´t believe I´m training again, feeling stronger every day, I started with 3cm DR and now I´m with 2.

Claudia 3 months PP v 6 Weeks of MUTU System

3 months PP v 6 Weeks of MUTU System

What I like about MUTU System

How well explained the exercises are, It is my time to exercise and heal my core, you flow with the class.

I´m halfway the program and the results are really visible. The program is so friendly that I´m committed 100%. My results are the combination of my work with MUTU the seven days of the week and eating vegetables, fruits and any kind of protein.

I didn´t expect that the exercises to be so friendly and easy to follow as I mentioned before. Also, I love the idea of your personal journal, so you can track your effort.

MUTU is a program where you can find women with your same struggles, goals and dreams. Is a community where you can share your thoughts, your feelings and your achievements. The support you receive is very important to stay focus. Personally, I feel great, with a lot of energy to take care of my family.

Want to feel this good in your postpartum body?

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