MUTU Mind Tricks: They’re the bit of the MUTU System that deals with your head. Not many ‘lose your baby fat’ / ‘postnatal weight loss’ / ‘bootcamp your baby fat’ solutions are too concerned with your head. A rather glaring omission I feel.

Because as well as needing some very clever advice on EXACTLY what you should and shouldn’t be doing from an expert (that’ll be me, then ;) )you probably already KNOW you’re supposed to eat less cake and more apples. You probably already KNOW that exercise and sweating are going to play a part. It’s the ‘get your head around it’ bit that you might need help with… hence the MUTU Mind Tricks I help you with as part of the MUTU System 12 week coaching and video series.

Like this:

We’re often told, “Do it for your kids”. “Do it for your family”. These are great, great motivators. But do it for YOU too. You deserve to feel and look good.

If you’re not bothered about how your body looks, that’s completely cool, and no one should be judging you.

But if you do care, it doesn’t make you vain or shallow, so let’s not judge each other for that either. And anyway when WE feel good, our families are happier… Multi-tasking. We’re good at that, right? ;)

Have you got a Mother’s Mind Trick to share?