For the last few years, fitness instructors and personal trainers, Physical Therapists, Yoga teachers and Pilates instructors have been emailing asking ‘How do I get certified?’ And MUTU System customers who want more hands-on help or a class environment have been asking for referrals to fitness classes, Physios and trainers who ‘know MUTU’. Professionals want to be MUTU certified, and customers want to work with them.

For a long time I simply referred to other great teachers. I was focussed on the program, on serving our tens of thousands of MUTU Mamas online, and I took my time. I needed to be absolutely sure I was giving both the professionals and our customers what they really need and want.

But after many months of planning and hard work from my entire team, a few weeks ago I finally announced the first ever MUTU Pro™ certification, coming in June 2016 in Orlando, Florida.


We launched via 2 live webinars, where I explained the one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain the credibility and support needed to attract and keep more postpartum clients. The eligibility criteria are simple: if you are a practicing, fully insured health professional, qualified in your discipline or profession, and you’re serving Moms with integrity and passion… this is for you.

We knew this was the right training at the right time. We knew that postpartum issues such as diastasis recti, core weakness and lack of pelvic floor function have become hot topics and that Moms around the world are looking for answers. And of course we know that MUTU System, my online pelvic floor and core recovery program, is trusted by tens of thousands of women and recommended by medical professionals.

But we had no IDEA how much the MUTU Pro concept would resonate with the hundreds of health professionals who tuned in! Within 48 hours we had increased the available places (and switched our venue booking to accommodate them), and completely filled the first certification training. My team worked after-hours both nights answering questions as people scrambled to grab their spot. More than 400 have already been placed on the ‘First to Know’ list to be sure of getting on the live webinar next time.

I am humbled and grateful for the overwhelming positive response, and for the trust placed in MUTU as we prepare for this first ever certification process. Professionals are flying in from overseas to attend and we’re going to have a ball in Florida! I believe there is something pretty special about individuals that step up to be first in line… belief, passion and no hesitation. Thank-you to everyone who was fast enough to grab their spot, my team and I have an awesome couple of days planned for you, as well as a ton of support to come afterwards. And if you missed out this time, make sure you’re First To Know as soon as the next training is announced – it will take place in Orlando, Florida in the last quarter of 2016