I get many lovely comments from women who have seen great results on our programs, but I wanted to share this one to give hope to women suffering with severe pelvic floor damage* or weakness following childbirth.

MUTU Mama Sara Roberts emailed to tell me she how delighted she was to have not only got on a trampoline, but even to have burst into a sprint after her 4 year old who escaped on his scooter… neither of which would have been possible without leaking previously. This is what she had to say:

“When I gave birth to my second son, I had a third degree tear (due to his enormous shoulders!!). As it’s a serious tear I was told to expect problems with my Pelvic Floor and was referred both to see an NHS physio and the gynaecology consultant. The consultant checked to see whether I had good control (by asking!), and sent me away to do loads of Kegels every day, and that was the end of that. The physio never happened because they were too busy. My pelvic floor was ok, but could be better; and I was worried that problems would develop in later life. 

I joined the MUTU System programme for the toning and tummy benefits, but I was interested in the pelvic floor work particularly given my medical history. I found that my pelvic floor improved within a matter of weeks, and minor niggles (sneezing, jumping, running) suddenly disappeared. I am almost finished on the programme now and I have been amazed by the results – I can break into a quick sprint with no bad effects, and my tone is so much better. And, dare I say it, my sex life is better too!!

So I would highly recommend this programme for anyone with PF problems – or indeed anyone who has had children – as the results are swift and painless. For me, it was one thing being told ‘do your PF exercises’ but another thing altogether to actually *do* them. But the beauty of this programme is that they are incorporated, and so you set aside time to do them every day, and there are other benefits to focus on (e.g. better figure, better health) which means that, for me, I”m far more likely to persevere than just by doing them for the future, and so that I don’t have to wear tena pads when I’m older – because psychologically that’s not helpful!”


*Please go here for information regarding whan and how you should seek specialist one to one help for severe pelvic floor damage