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I am always delighted to get feedback about the MUTU System and how its working for mums who want to lose their baby weight and find their Mojo again! One such MUTU Mama, Sarah sent the following today which she is happy for me to share. I think it’s a great summary of the reality of trying to exercise, eat well and lose your mummy tummy, when you have a million other roles to fulfil and when you have a LIFE! This is the reality – no quick fixes, no magic pills, no size-zero insanity. Just the right exercises, that WORK in the shortest possible time, that will put you back together again after having babies.

Sarah knows that you have to learn to like yourself, to take responsibility and to believe you’re worth it (it might sound naff, but it’s true :)), if you’re ever going to like what you see in the mirror. She also likes a glass of wine. So show me a mum who doesn’t…

Hi Wendy

“…2 friends and I all started the 12 week programme together in January…  I think we started on Monday 10th Jan so we are not officially at the end of our 12 weeks… Although, as you know, I have been sort of MUTUing for a while now
[Sarah has trained with me in the past] and when I originally got the 12 week download I was already doing it each week and introducing the new workouts etc, I hadn’t really got my act together nutritionally speaking so this was a new start for me…exercise motivation and fitting it in not a problem….motivating myself to eat well and more importantly cut out alcohol – has been more difficult.
Slowly but surely it’s coming together, less alcohol consumed overall, better food-wise, half a stone lighter since early Jan, and I’m finding it easier as it I go along.  Juicer came out of the cupboard yesterday to a new permanent home on the worktop.  Some of the new breed of “raw” snacks available even in Waitrose and Tescos these days are replacing unhealthier versions. No more Friday night takeaways, now I cook something yummy.
I just keep reminding myself of your mantra, No More Excuses!  If I can find time to fit in a circuit most days of the week BEFORE getting Amelia to school, then I reckon anyone can.  I have Edward with me full time, so the gym is not an option, and now he’s mobile, doing a circuit while he’s awake (which is now most of the day) is not possible if I want to keep an eye on him or if I don’t want to squash him while I’m doing a Gecko or Plank [see these moves in a video here!]
I still have a way to go before I can fit in to my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I also know exactly why that is so.  No More Excuses.  It’s because I eat too much, drink too much wine, and don’t always make the best food choices.  Only I can change that.  MUTU can and is helping.  But the rest is up to me.
Thanks Sarah. Do YOU relate?  We’d both love to hear your story!