Almost exactly a year ago, I launched my newly trademarked MUTU System to the ether… a download-able postnatal exercise programme encompassing a decade’s experience and expertise of putting mothers’ tummies back together again. I had no idea what kind of response to expect and the women who bought it put a lot of faith in me.

It’s been an incredible year! MUTU System has gone from being known only in a few areas of London… to an online programme that coaches women literally all over the world. Hundreds of mothers  around the globe have downloaded MUTU System videos, followed the workouts and learnt things about their midsections that they never knew they needed to know ;)

As a result they have slimmed their waist, flattened their tummy, toned their pelvic floor, reduced diastasis recti, learnt how to work out in just 15 minutes for serious results… and how to feed themselves (and their families) in a  way that keeps them lean, healthy and fabulous.

You loved it, but like with any new product, you saw room for improvement. So I listened and created a new version…

  • You wanted ‘Step by step’ instructions. Week by week, crystal clear  guidelines that assume no previous knowledge and that don’t require too much reading or preparation
  • Some of you want detail and explanation,  some just want to know what to do, what to eat and when and how often to do it
  • Diastasis recti is a big concern for many women and those with a wide gap and/or very weak core found some of the techniques hard, or weren’t sure when to progress
  • You wanted the workouts summarised, with clear photographs and video demonstrations of each exercise, including low impact or easier versions
  • You wanted to be more accountable, if only to yourself  – somewhere to monitor your progress, log your measurements and see how you’re doing…


All of the above and much, much more has gone into MUTU System Version2, launched today. It’s what you asked for and I hope you’re going to love it! You can read more, and of course buy and instantly access right here. Got any questions? Just leave a comment below :)