MUTUVation 2013

I’m so excited to announce the first MUTU®Vation event! In response to persistent demand from customers and readers, MUTU System is holding its first ever live event in London in October this year! Read on to find out more >>>

Date: Saturday 12th October 2013

Time: 10am-5pm

Place: The HUB Kings Cross, London N1 9AB, UK (2 minutes walk from Kings Cross station)

Price includes lunch PLUS a copy of my new book published September 2013

What’s Going To Happen?

Me and a couple of very special friends (see ‘Who’s On Stage?’ below) are going to… Inspire you to eat, exercise, move and live in ways that will transform your well-being whilst being truly realistic and acheive-able for you. Right now. Share revelations about the way your body is working right now and how you can make it work and feel a whole lot better Help you find your Fabulous. The shiny, juicy, vibrant, glowing, healthy, happy, confident GODD-bloody-ESS that is hiding right now. We’ll help you find her.

Who Is It For?


Whether you are Mummy, Mum, Mama, Mom, Mamma, Ahm, Maman, Mutter, Ma, Haha (I love that one), Mai, Mami, Ammee… if you grew a baby, however long ago, this is for you. Of course ALL women are very, very welcome – but the focus will be our bodies, minds and souls… after babies.

What’s It About?

Quite simply, I have drawn on all the things you ask me about the most, to make this day perfect for YOU.

  • The stuff you don’t understand about your body, the stuff you’d like to change about your body, what its OK to feel and look like after you’ve had babies, and whats not OK, and what you can do about it.
  • I’ll help you understand what’s REALLY going on with your tummy and your pelvic floor. And you know all that ‘How do I know if I’m engaging the right muscles?’ thing you keep asking me? Let’s nail that.
  • How to motivate yourself, find the time, put yourself first, learn to love your body when right now, you just don’t.
  • How to lose the extra pounds that won’t shift, how to not diet but still lose weight, how to beat sugar cravings or comfort eating.
  • How to eat really, really well… within the realistic confines of family life. Like, in the real world.
  • How to deal with stress, when finding time for meditation and massage are about as realistic in your life as your toddler preparing dinner for you tonight.
  • The workouts that you CAN fit in. At home, in a short space of time. I’ll show you how to do them, you’ll even try a couple of them… and you’ll realize why you never need to go to the gym again.

Who’s On Stage?

Key Presenter and Host: Wendy Powell, Dip PT and Founder of MUTU® System | That’s me – you can read more about MUTU and me here and here if this is the first time you’ve dropped by) will be running sessions on everything from finding your deep core muscles to finding your Mojo.

Special Guest Speakers:

Camilla Lawrence of Six Physio in London , Women’s Pelvic Health Specialist Physiotherapist

Sandra Roycroft Davis of Thinking Slimmer, Harley Street Weight Loss Expert from the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (she’s amazing, and so are the results!)

Plus there will be group sessions for you to learn and practice key core activation techniques (with me on hand to check you’re doing right!) as well as delicious and gloriously healthy food and juices and advice on how to prepare them yourself.


Extra Things You Might Want To Know

  • Getting there: see full directions and venue details here
  • We can’t help with childcare I’m afraid, but of course if you have a baby that you need to have with you, just bring them along. Babes in arms only though please, we simply won’t have the space for little ones running around.
  • What to wear: Darling, you can wear a ballgown or dungarees, whatever make you happy. There will be (entirely optional) practical sessions which will involve some mat work and we will have some fun with some of the MUTU Mamas favorite moves – so be comfy or bring a change.
  • Come with your friend, your sister or your mum or just come ready to make a whole bunch of new friends.
  • How to get your ticket. Click the ‘BUY NOW ‘button. Simple as that. You will receive a receipt which is your ticket and you’ll be on our list and will receive exclusive information about the day nearer the time.


PLACES ARE LIMITED! And when we’re full, we’re full. Grab your place while you can Mama. It’s going to be a ball x