View More: am thrilled to have Brooke Thomas giving an exclusive session on Fascia and Alignment

[see below for the outline!] at the MUTUVation workshop in NYC on 10/25!.

The day will cover everything you don’t understand about your body, the stuff you’d like to change about your body, what its OK to feel and look like after you’ve had babies, and whats not OK, and what you can do about it.

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We will talk about what’s REALLY going on with your tummy and your pelvic floor… how to find the body confidence you absolutely deserve… the workouts that you can fit in, at home, in a short space of time. I’ll show you how to do them, you’ll even try a couple of them… and you’ll realize why you never need to go to the gym again.


Why fascia matters and what new demands are placed on your fascial system postpartum.

Alignment strategies to lessen the burden on your body (baby carrying- common issues like internal rotation of the shoulders, anterior pelvic shift, rib flaring)

Self-care strategies for the alignment issues postpartum

Alignment strategies to help baby grow up well


Brooke Thomas is the founder of Liberated Body, and the Liberated Body Podcast which gather together the thought leaders in what can broadly be defined as the “live happily in your body” fields. She has also been in practice in the field for fourteen years as a Rolfing® practitioner, a Yoga Tune Up® teacher and a Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Because Brooke grew up with a variety of physical and neurological challenges related to a birth injury that she had, and primarily because she’s been almost totally pain free for the last seventeen years since she discovered the resources she needed to rehabilitate her body, she is a wee bit of a zealot when it comes to letting people know that they can thrive physically and don’t need to settle for a downward spiral.



Darling, what you won’t know about the workings and wondrousness of your midsection by the end of one of these events… simply won’t be worth knowing! See you there!