Tracy Sher | MUTUVation Guest Speaker | Chicago 10/22/14I knew there was little serendipity going on when I was planning the MUTUVation tour dates, and found that the International Pelvic Pain Society were holding their conference in Chicago the very same week I would be in town. Tracy is an elected Board Director of the IPPS, and graciously agreed to take a day out in Chicago and be guest speaker at the MUTUVation workshop on Wednesday 22nd October!

I’m also absolutely delighted to have been asked to be guest speaker at the ‘Sex, Chocolate and Your Pelvic Floor’ event Tracy is holding in Orlando next week on the 16th October.

So catch us either in Orlando on 10/16 or Chicago on 10/22!

Tracy will be a completely incredible compliment to our day of MUTUVation. This woman is an international leading authority on pelvic health and I am so thrilled she is joining us. Between Tracy and myself, we will cover everything you don’t understand about your body, the stuff you’d like to change about your body, what its OK to feel and look like after you’ve had babies, and whats not OK, and what you can do about it.

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We will talk about what’s REALLY going on with your tummy and your pelvic floor… how to find the body confidence you absolutely deserve… the workouts that you can fit in, at home, in a short space of time. I’ll show you how to do them, you’ll even try a couple of them… and you’ll realize why you never need to go to the gym again.


Tracy Sher, MPT, CSCS is an orthopedic and pelvic physical therapist, faculty member, consultant, international speaker, founder of Pelvic Guru and a leading authority in the field. Since 2000, she has successfully started or helped expand hospital-based women’s health/pelvic physical therapy programs. She also currently teaches courses nationally (and internationally) as a faculty member for Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. Tracy has a passion for treating complex pelvic pain, sexual pain, and pudendal neuralgia. She is also very committed to improving women’s health care across the lifespan – pregnancy, postpartum,and beyond. The focus for the patient is integrating a whole body approach.

Read her full bio here – we’re so lucky to have her!



Darling, what you won’t know about the workings and wondrousness of your midsection by the end of one of these events… simply won’t be worth knowing! See you there!