Posted by April, MUTU Mama from Tennessee, in our community forum, and quoted with her permission… Thanks April!

“I could cry from happiness this morning. My DR is closed (after trying for 3 years to close it with [another program]) and my tummy feels firm! Firm! Not squishy and no deep chasm. Yes there is still a layer of post baby fat (I’m 5 months pp with baby #6), but that is melting too.

Between morning and night there is only an inch difference in my measurements, even after eating out at an Italian place last night for my son’s birthday. My belly still sticks out a little farther than my ribs but that will also change as the last of the baby fat goes and the muscles tighten up.

And the best part is I am not worried that it will come open again like it did 4 TIMES with [other program] because MUTU System taught me how to solve the SOURCE of the problem, not just the symptom of DR.

I feel confident that I can go through my normal life without feeling scared that any wrong move will undo it all. I pick up my 6 kids, I garden, I carry heavy things up and down the stairs, I reach, twist, and move in the ways a Mom has to without fear.

I kept making my husband push on my tummy to feel how firm it is because I was so excited. Thank you MUTU! Still going strong!

I’m so grateful. Really. You have no idea how many times I cried after “succeeding” before only to have it go from 0 to 5 fingers again after reaching to put a DVD in the player (I wish I were kidding).

I’ve done way more “dangerous” things the last couple of months with no problems because I knew how to properly engage and use the correct muscles of my body. No way could I have done my garden clean up before without undoing my results.”

November 2013.