My office is full of yoga mats and bolsters and blocks, but no chairs. So I have a standing workstation and lots of comfy stuff on the floor for when I feel like chilling. My little boy Stanley (he’s 6) came out to hang with me after school and do iPad stuff, (it’s hard to tell a kid to get off a computer when you’re on one isn’t it?!). He made himself comfortable arranging his cushions and settled in, and he looked so comfy I took a picture. A few minutes later he was shuffling around, and when he settled I took another one. For the next 30 minutes, I worked, he kept doing his thing, and he kept moving.

When we drum it into our little ones to ‘sit down’ and ‘sit still’ we are actually UN-teaching our kids how to use their bodies the way they just naturally know how to use them. Crazy isn’t it? The fabulous Brooke Thomas over at Fascia Freedom Fighters wrote a great post recently on how to teach kids to sit properly – an uphill battle sometimes with school rules and chairs and the so-called polite way of eating, learning and relaxing. So here’s Stanley, chilling in well, LOTS of different positions, but not one involving a chair. So get rid of your chair whenever you can for the sake of your back and your pelvic floor, and let’s give our poor kids’ bodies a break from them too!