This project is something that I hold near and dear to my heart. When Wendy opened up this opportunity to me in July 2017 I couldn’t believe it! I was in the U.K. for the filming of the new videos for MUTU. Another epic top secret event I had the opportunity to be part of. You see when I say that MUTU changed my life it goes way deeper than the body confidence I gained from being a MUTU mama myself. I started there just like many of you!

I had no clue this journey would lead me to where it has with this M.O.M.S project. Wendy had emailed me a few days before I arrived in England for the filming and asked if we could meet in private for a Military MUTU project she wanted to talk to me about. After I came back to reality after passing out from the excitement I replied with a yes! So when we had our meeting I was already all in for whatever she had to offer. I tried to not get too excited because I tend to create this epic vision in my head and then often get let down. Not this time! This was something bigger than I could have ever imagined.

The Mission

My mission for this project is simply to empower the military spouse. It goes way beyond empowering each and every one of you with body confidence. That’s important for sure and for most will be the very first step. I want to empower you all with a community for support and job opportunities as well.

In September I started working on this project and plugging everything in the framework provided by my business coach. This is when I really starting seeing the big picture of all of this. It has killed me to not tell anyone. This is all so exciting to me. All of the spouses I have researched on social media over the last few months. I so badly wanted to send you a PM and connect with you. Yes, I stalked many of you! I knew exactly who I was going to approach first and wanted you to know that what you are doing with your business amazes me. You have made a small business huge, but that doesn’t surprise me because you are a military spouse. You are a special breed for sure!

I knew who I wanted to connect with and together make a huge difference within the military community and the women in it! I know I sound like a stalker but my intentions were good! I wanted to partner up with the best military spouses out there. The ones who had a purpose and were on a mission to make a difference! You are the ones I want to run with, the women I want in my tribe.

So for me, my vision of how I see this project is very clear. I want to not only share this amazing life changing program with you, but I want to build a community and empower spouses with career opportunities as well. Whether it is becoming a MUTU Pro and growing your business or partnering up with military spouses who already have a product to sell. A way we can partner up and promote one another wherein the end everyone comes out on the top.

Together we can move mountains, ladies, so let’s start moving! Join me in this movement to change the life of a military spouse!