April 27th 2013


Débuts online – and for the 1st time on DVD – on April 29th 2013

 MUTU System – the ultimate mummy tummy solution – is entering a new era.

The original online coaching program for mums – a runaway success that gained an excellent reputation for delivering fat loss, fitness and core strength – has been filmed again from scratch and is about to launch on DVD as well as online.

Wendy Powell, personal trainer, post-natal exercise specialist and MUTU System’s founder, says, “This is the coming-of-age of MUTU System. We’ve produced new videos, with short, easy-to-navigate sections. We’ve introduced fresh ideas on busting baby bulge, a result of my ongoing study of post-partum alignment, exercise and nutrition. No stone’s been left unturned to ensure mums get the results they want from this program.”

MUTU System progresses with the user. Each week, ‘MUTU Mamas’ can access the next phase of the program via a secure membership site, including: a summary of the week ahead, a video demonstrating safe, effective technique; and a real-time video workout. Wendy says, “It’s the next best thing to having me in their home, guiding them through the program step-by-step.”

Mums the word…

The original MUTU System 12-week online coaching program became an Internet sensation after launching in 2010. Thousands of mums worldwide heard the word on the Tweet, or found MUTU System through Facebook, then bought the program.

They kissed goodbye to post-pregnancy bulge, diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and incontinence (caused by pelvic floor weakness)… and then they spread the word!

MUTU goes mainstream…

Now on DVD, MUTU System will no longer be the secret weapon of Internet savvy mums… you can buy it at mutusystem.com from Monday 29th April, and even on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk by the end of 2013. The DVD package gives access to Wendy’s workouts and coaching on video, with plenty of extra guidance in three supporting booklets:

  1. MUTU System Week By Week Guide: Week-by-week food rules, motivation, guidance, demonstrations and workouts
  2. MUTU System Food: A guide to making sustainable, healthy food choices for all the family, as well as learning how proper nutrition supports the MUTU System goals of losing fat and building muscle.
  3. MUTU System ‘The Science Bit’: A guide to what’s going on inside a mum’s post-natal body, identifying the ‘why’ behind the MUTU System approach.

What is MUTU System?

MUTU System is a holistic approach, combining alignment, exercise and nutrition, which helps mums regain body confidence. Devised specifically for mums’ bodies, daily core exercises and regular intensive workouts help heal any weaknesses, before working on strengthening the core, flattening the tummy and improving pelvic floor control.

MUTU System helps mums have a body that works as it should and looks and feels great! It also helps them establish a healthy way of living for their whole family – for life.

Proven success

MUTU System gets results. One MUTU Mama says: “When you see the amazing results from MUTU System, your confidence and body are restored! It’s exciting and empowering.”

Gym membership, or fancy fitness gear, doesn’t come cheap. Instead of aimlessly pounding the treadmill, mums now have a new way to get the body they want.

MUTU System on DVD includes…

  • Double DVD, featuring over 20 easy navigable videos – step-by-step, week-by-week coaching, as Wendy demonstrates, guides and motivates.
  • Three information booklets:  These booklets offer additional guidance through the 12-week program, as outlined above, including in-depth nutritional advice.

MUTU System online program includes…

  • Online videos, with the same content as the DVD.
  • All booklet information to view online, or download.

Extra value from MUTU

When you buy MUTU System, you can join the MUTU Mamas closed community group. It’s a positive community where MUTU Mamas ask questions, share tips and open up about body confidence.

The new program will be on sale on this website on Monday 29th April 2013.