As we welcome the new year it always seems right to make a huge long lost of all of the things we will do better this year. In the past, I have been known to make an overwhelmingly long list of all of the changes that will happen while I welcome in the new year. Let’s see here, I’m going to be more organized, be a better mom and spend more time with my girls, focus on my marriage, workout religiously, eat better and basically my entire life is going to be perfect. Oh and let’s not forget the perfectly organized and clean house too, because that’s a simple task with three kids.

Small, attainable goals

Just thinking about all of the things I will need to do to prepare leaves me feeling exhausted! I have learned that picking and choosing a few small, realistic and attainable goals is what works better. Realizing that my entire life is not going to be perfect just because we are entering a new year.
I have shifted my mindset and realized that less is always better. Choosing a few things and really focusing in is way better than picking everything in my life that bothers me and trying to keep up. This isn’t about a “new me” because I am fine just the way I am.

What are your new year resolutions?
Do you have a few or a lot?
Do you not do them at all because it just stresses you out altogether?
That’s completely OK too! This is about you and nobody else.

You can’t pour from an empty cup

Being a military spouse; things are constantly changing around us and I have accepted the fact that about 95% of the time I have absolutely zero control when it comes to the things happening around me and in my own life.
When it comes to New Year’s resolutions and thinking about how I can better myself I think of me and me only. This is me now, it hasn’t always been that way.
I like to choose things that will make me feel better. We all know you can’t pour from an empty cup so let’s make sure ours is full first.
As moms and as military spouses we do a lot of things for other people and especially our families. So when thinking of how you want to make YOUR year better think of yourself! When you are at your best the rest will all fall into place!

Whole 30

This year like last I will be kicking off January with the Whole30. I successfully completed my first one last January and I’m excited to do it again. The Whole30 is not about a diet, or losing weight, or trying to look different. It’s simply about fueling your body with real whole foods for 30 days and feeling good! When I eat good I feel good. When I feel good I am a better wife and mom. See how that works when you fill your cup first. My resolution is not to play with my kids more, but by eating healthy and having more energy that will happen too! Learning how to put yourself first typically doesn’t come naturally to us mamas! It’s all about shifting that mindset and reminding yourself that you are important too!

MUTU System

This brings me to my second and only resolution left. Something that has taught me that self-love is never selfish, MUTU! I hope you all know by now that MUTU drastically changed my life three years ago and I will forever be grateful for my husband finding me the program. I’ll be starting MUTU from scratch because I know it’s what my body needs. I have gone through many changes over the past few months and for many reasons I had to back off my exercise for a little bit. Another great lesson MUTU has taught me. Is to be kind to my body, love it, respect it and listen to it. So I do just that! I took a little break and now I’m ready to get back on MY track! Exercise should never be about what you will look like in your swimsuit or losing pounds. Although those things may be a side effect, it should be about having a strong body that works right and feels good. That’s what makes me confident in my body is when it works right! Having a body that works right will allow you to do anything you want!
Want to know how MUTU can help a military mom like you? Take a look at our about the program page.


So raise your glasses high, even if there is just cold coffee or water in your glass and cheers to you mamas! Try not to get caught up in this new year new you thing. It can be very overwhelming and honestly, we shouldn’t want to change who or where we are at this very moment in life. It’s a journey, to say the least, and the path has already been paved, we just have to keep moving forward.

I’ll leave you today with this quote that I recently came across. This quote is one I am reminding myself of over and over again this year.

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” – Kurt Cobain.

This speaks to me! Let’s come together and stop comparing ourselves to other people’s insta feed and lives. Be you always mama, because you are unique and one of a kind. No one can ever take that from you…ever!