Moms, generally, don’t have time to do anything very much. We fill every minute of our day with a hundred chores and activities, usually for someone else’s benefit.

Then we start with the excuses.

“I’ll exercise / sort out my eating / start that program when I’ve got some spare time.”

“It’s nearly a new school term / Christmas / my birthday / our holiday / my toddler starts pre-school… and THEN I’ll have some spare time. And then I’ll exercise.”

No problem. Just wait till that’s out the way. Some of that *spare time* stuff will come along real soon.

Thing is… it won’t.

There is no such thing as spare time. You will never ever find any. We don’t find time, we have to make it. We have to take it.

But we don’t take what we don’t think we deserve. And this is where so many women ensure that they will never have any time to exercise – because somewhere in that dutiful, guilt ridden conviction that everyone else’s needs are more important than yours – you may have already decided that your own health and well-being is at the bottom of the list. To place it anywhere else would be selfish, indulgent, even vain.

So my Lovelies today I implore you – ask yourself these questions:

Am I a better mother and partner when I have energy, physical and emotional strength and self confidence?

Am I better role model to my children when I am healthy, active and self assured in my own skin?

Am I better able to run, chase, play, work, achieve my goals and live life to the full when I am fit, strong and well nourished?

Would I like to be that person?

Chances are… yes.

So look at your day, today, tomorrow and next week and work out when you can exercise.

What can shift, wait, or just plain not be done?  What can you I say ‘Sorry, I’m busy’ to? What chore, social engagement or commitment can you change slightly to become an active slot in your day rather than an inactive one?

Where can you ask for help, support, company or a babysitter for half an hour? Who could you swap a half hours childcare with to give you a 20 minute real workout?

If you have no support with the children, then do it with them! Turn off their TV show and put on your MUTU Program or just some music and move. The kids will find you highly amusing and almost definitely join in. Bonus ‘fit mom’ role model points as well.

For now, we take what we can get. We’ll have  plenty of *spare time* when they leave home ;)

You’ve GOT 15 minutes. Really you have. You may need to prioritise and get rid of something else to make it, but it’s there. I am constantly in awe of the strategies and imagination of women who get done what needs to get done. You do it already – but you need to need to push yourself up that multitasking to-do list.

Nobody else is going to offer or create that time for you – you have to take it.

How do you fit in exercise? Do you struggle? Have big plans but let something else take priority at the last minute? Find it impossible to find your motivation after you slip up? What could you change, adapt or cancel to take back time?