Women normally come to me feeling pretty low, demoralized and helpless. A lot of the time they are at an all time low and are at their most disconnected because their body, that’s served them well up until this point, isn’t working as it should anymore.

It’s a confusing and heartbreaking time for so many moms.

But then, they become equipped with the tools and knowledge to help themselves to recover properly. And slowly that body mind connection is rekindled, and bridges are rebuilt with the body they once felt let down by.

Many wish they’d have known at the start everything would be okay again, in time. So I want to write a note to your ‘Before MUTU’ self…

Hey there lovely lady,

How are you doing? Not so great, I hear.

I want you to know that things are going to get better, real soon. In the coming weeks and months, you’re going to start feeling more like you again. You’ll start to trust your body and you’ll no longer want to ignore it or feel let down by it.

In fact, you’ll start to work as a team again. You’ll WANT to be kind to yourself, nourish your body with lovely healing foods to support it in its recovery, and you’ll start listening to what your body is telling you.

You see, that body of yours, it’s done some incredible things for you and will continue to do so, I promise. I just needs a little help and guidance from you. Now isn’t the time to turn your back on it.

You’ve totally got this and with the support of your loved ones, the support from the MUTU Mamas community, and the acknowledgment from you that you are absolutely deserving of a body that works and makes you feel wonderful again, you can do this.

We’ve all got your back.