Do you ever get those days were you really just want to do something awesome and impactful for the world!? Well, news is, you CAN make a difference and you CAN make an impact. Yes. You. Lady on the laptop reading this. YOU!

My dear friend Dr Jo Martin is hosting a truly wonderful event on the 12th and 13th of November 2016. It’s going to be life changing and full of soul nourishing goodness and empowerment for ALL women.

I grabbed Jo for a ‘virtual cuppa’ to explain what the event is about, who it’s for and why it’s running. PRESS PLAY to learn more and hear my chat with this wonderfully inspiring woman.



You can see all the details on the website here, but the line up needs a special mention. There’s some truly inspiring and awesome women who’ll be joining Jo next month.

  • Suzy Greaves: editor of Psychologies magazine
  • Melanie Seymour: Managing Director at BlackRock and VP of Women in Banking and Finance
  • Hayley Barnard: consultant and media commentator on gender balanced workplaces and inclusive leadership
  • Geeta Siddhu Robb: founder of Nosh Detox and London’s first infusion clinic at Harvey Nicholls

In addition to the badass line-up, Susie Heath and Annie Stoker will be taking you through their Four Steps to Leading Powerfully. Everyone raves about their exceptional curriculum designed for women by women – Me included!

So if you are sick of having to be a Superwoman to get it all done; if you’re tired of never prioritising what should be high priority; if you suffer from Imposter Syndrome…

This is the event for you. 

Yes – there’s a million things you could do with a weekend of your time.

But there is a reason I back the claim that this is the “Essential Event for Professional Women”

Go nourish your awesome self!