MUTU Sponsors Oarsome Foursome

Sometimes just when you think you’re being pretty awesome, someone bursts your bubble. I call it ‘Eleven-er-reefing’ – ‘I’m going to Tenerife!’ ‘Oh really? I’ve been to Elevenerife’. *slumps*

A couple of years ago I was a keen ocean rower when one of my crewmates Linda told me she was going to cross the Atlantic ocean in a rowing boat. Her and 3 other women, aged between 30 and 60, one of whom is deaf. Without assistance and without stopping. 

The Oarsome Foursome crew

These women are the ‘Oarsome Foursome’. They will navigate and row 3,000 miles on pure woman-power and bloody-mindedness. 

Mo is the Grand Dame of the crew, 60 years old and almost completely deaf. This whole thing was her idea and she is fearless, literally buzzing with anticipation about creating ‘another story or two to tell my grandchildren’.

NHS Radiographer Bird is the youngest of the crew, their appointed Skipper, and Mo’s daughter. She is the ever positive ‘No Plan B’ driving force of the crew who simply refuses to allow doubt or negativity into her life or her mission. She’s doing this, come hell or high water (and high water is definitely coming).

Linda is my friend and former Gig rowing crewmate. Competitive, strong as an ox and determined as hell. She has a quiet, private confidence that belies her rock-solid self-belief and integrity. I’ve raced in a crew with this woman and I wouldn’t want to race against her.

Claire had never rowed a boat before she said yes to this challenge. Seriously. She’s a weightlifter, a Crossfitter and feisty as hell. Claire said ‘Yes!’ to rowing across the Atlantic Ocean when she’d never rowed a boat before and never met half the crew she’d be doing it with. Bonkers and entirely brilliant.

Seriously impressed, I decided 2 years ago to sponsor them, so we get MUTU’s brand and logo on the boat and the crew, whilst safely following progress on social media from dry land. #Winning

MUTU System - oarsome foursome - coldplay

This amazing and entirely insane venture begins on 12th December 2019 from La Gomera in Spain and ends (approximately, weather depending) 6 weeks later in Antigua in the Caribbean. The Four will eat, sleep and row in constant, strict rotation within a confined space floating on the ocean for at least 45 days and nights. The entire boat (including cabins for those precious and cramped 4-hour sleeps) is just 27 feet – around 8m – long.

I’m as intrigued as I am impressed. What on earth drives a few extraordinary humans to push the absolute limits of endurance and courage? How are their families and partners handling the obsessive, single-minded preparation? Are they scared? How will it change them? Will they finish this closer than ever or never want to speak to each other again? 

And… I know you want to know too… What about periods? And poo-ing? And sharks? And huge waves and terrifying storms and long cold nights and genuine, total fear?

So this is your chance! Ask your questions in the comment section below and we will share the replies from the Oarsome Foursome. 

Hello Coldplay!

Oh and… postscript…Amazing news!! As one of the original sponsors of this incredible group of women, MUTU System find ourselves in A-List company at the 11th hour 😎
Coldplay have sponsored the Oarsome Foursome for their challenge of rowing the Atlantic. 

We are so thrilled for you Ladies, you deserve this boost and the recognition, what you’re doing is Oarsome indeed 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #mutusystem #MUTUSoYouCan #OarsomeFoursome #sponsors #inspiration