We all have one. The way we met our handsome soldier and fell head over heels for them! Maybe it was the uniform or maybe you “joined” the military together. Because trust me when your husband is in the Army you are signing up for some serious things yourself. I met my husband long before he ever joined the military. I was 7 years old! So crazy!

I look at my 7 year old and think holy smokes, I was her age when I met my future husband and didn’t even know it. He was 10 and I was 7. I have known my husband for 28 years, but didn’t fall in love with him until I was 21. Our parents worked together and his Dad would pick me up and bring me to the High School basketball games with them. I don’t really remember much of anything, except for Mike’s long hair and big glasses. That’s a another blog 😉

Our Story

You should know that my husband tried to get me to date him many times in high school. I said no every single time! Mike was my friend, not ever someone I could see myself in a relationship like that with. Mike was so cool, everyone like him and he was a friend to many! Including myself!

He was a few years older than me so after he graduated from high school and got his own apartment my girlfriends and I always thought it was super cool to go over there to hang out. We were only sophomores in High School so having a friend with his own apartment was way cool! All of the times we hung out and partied together, the relationship never went further than friends.

He even came on a family vacation with my family around that same time too! The apartment was short lived and a year after Mike graduated he enlisted in the Army and I only talked to him a few times and saw him once when he was in town shortly after he had joined the Army!

Keeping in touch

He called me one time during my senior year from his barracks room in Fort Bragg to ask me to send him some of my senior pictures.​

I said I would. I got his address and everything, but never sent the pictures. He still gives me a hard time about that to this day! Then there was another time he was on hometown recruiting and we ran into each other at Taco Bell. I look back and see all of the times fate brought us together and it is kind of scary!! How in the world do two people keep ending up in the same place or connecting with a random phone call… it was destined!

Then the magic really began. It was April of 2004 when we ran into each other at that little Mexican restaurant. Again we ended up in the same place at the same time! At this point I had not seen or heard from Mike in four years. He had completely changed, so much that I didn’t even recognize him! This next part is my favorite part of the whole story!!

So there we sat next to this table with three guys. My mom says to me, “Oh my gosh Ashley that is Michael Gammon!” I look and say no way! That is not Mike! So we went back and forth trying not to be too obvious! So I said watch this…I’m going to say “Mike” and no one is going to respond. So here it goes… “Hey Mike.” Just like I thought nothing!! Then a few seconds pass by and he looks up and sure enough it is him! I can’t believe I didn’t even recognize him!

Funny part of the entire story is that he was listening to our conversation the entire time. Of course I find this out later down the road. He was listening to us then entire time and then tried to ignore us. I’m still not clear on the answer of why, but who cares right! I always joke and say he was trying to play hard to get since I had said NO to dating him so many times. I probably deserved that

Magic Happened

We ended up exchanging numbers and met up once before he had to head back to North Carolina. It’s really hard to believe that we ended up there that day together! Of all of the places we could have gone to lunch. I actually wanted Red Lobster and at the last minute my mom said no let’s do Mexican. He was only there because his mom’s best-friend, Amy, recommended it.

Just a short five months later we were married! Everyone thought we were crazy and we were absolutely crazy about each other! Here we are almost 14 years later still doing this journey of life together! Those five months were short but so many things happened and they probably deserve a blog of their own! Like I almost joined the Army, I flew to Texas twice to see him while he was on TDY and I learned how to drive a stick shift just one day before I had to drive one all the way to North Carolina from Indiana!

Maybe he was trying to prepare me for all of the new things I would soon learn to do as a military wife! To be resilient and take whatever is thrown at you like a champ. It was a crazy ride and it still is! I look back on our story and sometimes I just shake my head in disbelief! How in the world do you meet the love of your life when you are seven years old? Fate brought us together so many times and then I finally realized it was meant to be.

There is only one man in this entire world that can handle me and all I bring to the table, and he is my husband! Not every year has been rainbows and unicorns but I couldn’t imagine life with anyone but him! Tell us your story! We want all of the juicy details on how you fell in love with your soldier!