Post pregnancy weight loss. That means a diet, right? The kind of diet many women have spent most of their adult life on, but the weight always goes back on :(

Which is why, IMHO, you should never go on one in the first place! Read more about the foods that make (or keep) your mummy tummy fat!The best post pregnancy weight loss diet is: Don’t Diet!

The best thing you can do to for your body shape after having a baby (or at any time), is NOT to count calories or pick a ‘diet’, but to simply start to eat real food.

Make it a consistent, permanent shift to the way you eat, not something you do or ‘go on’ for a few days or weeks.  This isn’t just post pregnancy weight loss – it can be permanent weight loss.

Avoid processed foods and keep your food as close to its natural source as possible. By that I mean, if the original (natural) source of whatever you’re about to eat is un-identifiable , don’t eat it!

By the same token, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients list on the label… don’t eat the food!

White, refined grains such as white rice, white bread, and anything baked using refined flour are full of empty calories, which make you fat. They will also clog up your digestive system and may cause bloating… none of which is going to do much for post preganncy weight loss.

Switch to wholegrains for a lower GI and extra fibre, along with drinking plenty of water and herbal teas. This will help to keep your digestive system working efficiently and reduce bloating.

‘Diets’ by definition, always come to an end, and then you’re back to square one, whether they ‘worked’ or not.

I have this theory: if any of the ‘diets’ we’re told to go on actually worked, there’d only be one book. But there’s thousands. There is absolutely nothing remotely ‘magic’ about any one ‘wonder’ or ‘super’ food or ingredient eaten exclusively for a set amount of time.

If you eat significantly fewer calories, you’ll lose weight. If you’re only eating a very limited selection of foods or food groups, you will by definition eat fewer calories (out of boredom if nothing else). The resultant weight loss doesn’t mean that a particular diet ‘worked’, it just means you ate less for a while, and lost some weight.

Diet ends… you go back to previous eating habits… the weight comes back. I’m not going to patronise anyone by listing the foods that make you fat.

This isn’t just about post pregnancy weight loss, but about losing fat at any time… if you’re being ‘put on a diet’, get a new trainer!

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